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Breanna Welch

October 21, 2015

UWRT 1101
Reflection Letter
Dear Robert,
For my found genre I chose to write a critical thinking essay. I am
writing a critical thinking essay for my HAHS: 1000 class. At first when you
mentioned to us that we were going to have to do a found genre, I really had
no idea what you were talking about. I also had no idea what I was going to
do for mine. I thought about a resume, because I am going to need a resume
this summer for a job. I really did not know a lot about making a resume
though. I then thought about my HAHS: 1000 class and thought about my
critical thinking assignment. I then knew what I wanted to do.
Writing my critical thinking essay was not difficult, but not the easiest
either. I was still trying to figure out what a critical thinking essay was and
also how to write one. I had to not only do research on my topic I was writing
about, but I also had to research how to write a critical thinking essay.
Luckily, I found a lot of information on both of the subjects.
I revised my final draft a lot, from my first draft. The peer reviews that
Alison and Denisha did for me, were very helpful. They helped me
understand what I needed to fix and also, helped me fix it. At first I was
scattered with my information and I did not put enough description into the
paper. I forgot for a moment that not everyone is going into the medical field
and knows the terminology. I described the infections a lot more and added a
lot of useful information. I also, added citations to the paper.
Overall, I feel really good about my paper. I feel that someone who
does not know a lot about hospital acquired infections could learn a good
amount from my paper. I know that I even learned a lot more than I knew
about the topic.