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Alyssa Toetz

Spring, 2015

ED 321 Self-Assessment Lesson 6: 2nd Observed

Planning and Preparation (AEA: Conceptualization, DiagnosisWTS: 1,7DISP: Respect Responsibility)
Explain and defend the decisions you made in choosing your objectives and the
assessment tools/strategies for this lesson. Even if the lesson was given to you to teach,
you must consider the effectiveness of the objectives and assessments.
I chose to focus on annotating to make inferences because it is a great strategy to
encourage students to interact with the text. I chose to assess students through a variety of
outlets of completing the RAP checklist/post its, discussing/presenting their learning with
their peers, and finally reflecting on their learning. Through using a variety of informal
assessments students were given multiple opportunities to demonstrate their learning.
Classroom Environment (AEA: Coordination, Integrative InteractionWTS: 2,3,5DISP: Respect,

What were the discipline issues that presented themselves during the teaching of this
lesson? How did you anticipate these and handle them?
The discipline issues that were presented were students participating in off task behaviors
during the collaboration portion of the lesson. I handled this by checking in with groups
frequently and setting a time limit with clear expectations on the smart board so students
were aware of what they should be doing.
Instruction (AEA: Communication, Coordination, Diagnosis, Integrative InteractionWTS: 2,3,4,5,6,7DISP:
Respect Responsibility), Assessment (AEA: Diagnosis, Integrative InteractionWTS: 8,9DISP: Respect,
Reflection), Professional Responsibilities (AEA: Communication, Integrative InteractionWTS: 10DISP:
Collaboration, Communication)

After teaching the lesson and analyzing student work, describe how your decisions
impacted student learning. How do you know? How well did your assessment connect to
the lesson objectives? Are there changes you would make or things you could have done
After teaching and analyzing student work I can see the planning decisions I made overall
had a positive impact on student learning. My various forms of assessment provided me
with evidence of students learning through their highlighted and marginal annotations as
well as their recorded annotation on post its. Student discussion was also a way I was
able to assess student learning through my observations. My assessment tools focused in
on annotating in order to make inferences through high lighting, post its, and group

Alyssa Toetz
Spring, 2015
collaboration. I was able to clearly observe if students identified inference annotations
through recording it in their margins with an I as well as presenting their inference
annotations to their peers. One thing I would have done differently is planned for part of
the annotation process to be completed with a partner instead of only independent.
Consider student learning as you reflect on your teaching of this lesson. Explain how the
evidence you obtained in your lesson (assessment) demonstrated the degree to which all
students achieved your objectives.
Students did achieve my learning objective but to varied degrees. Majority of students articles
were annotated with detail consisting of 6 or more marginal annotations that were clearly
labeled and completed the entire RAP checklist. There were about 4 students who did not
demonstrate as clear of annotations and did not complete the RAP checklist. Their annotations
were not labeled and they had less than 3 marginal annotations recorded.
Professional Responsibilities (AEA: Communication, Integrative InteractionWTS: 10DISP:
Collaboration, Communication)

Explain how you incorporated feedback from your cooperating teacher and supervisor, if
applicable, to the planning/teaching of this lesson. What decisions did you make based on
feedback received?
Based on the feedback I received I would continue to plan to use multiple modes of
instruction through individual work, group work, and large group discussion. I would
also continue to use the smart board a visual to display clear learning targets and
directions for students to keep their engagement. Finally, I would work to incorporate to
plan for a way to continue to keep students engaged during group collaboration and