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'15 summer ver.

Attention for volunteer in


Smile, cheerful greeting.
Punctual, keep the rules.
Ask about not understand things, anxious things.
Detailed attention for safety.
Not push yourself. Control your mind and the body health.

Schedule an example
7:00 wake up,
12:00 lunch
18:00 dinner
warming up, etc.
13:00 play simultaneously 20:00 kids meeting
8:00 breakfast
15:00 teatime
9:00 study
17:00 tasks (cook, take
10:00 play freely
care animals, etc.)
Detailed attentionupdating
Kids attach a pin for nameplate. Many kids lost the pin when changing
clothes, so be careful.
Keep an eye on kids not to use smartphone, game machine, etc.
Dont overlook kids active themselves only. Feel the whole field, and
mind kids whom adult doesnt keep an eye on, everytime.
Dont use smartphone during program.
Dont make private contact with kids.
Dont upload photo kids in.
Manage the valuables by yourself.
Troubles for example in japan
woundwound got worse because of lack of appropriate correspondence. It became
the issue of suit nearly.
food poisoning food poisoning occurred because of inappropriate
relations of kids and volunteer staff
the staff took the picture of naked kids secretly.
between a child
when there was not the staff, the children had sexual act.
The child got bullied secretly.
between a volunteer stafftheft, malicious mischief for valuables.