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Afghanistan War

By: Ally Perdue, Sam Berlin, Kealy Mruk, and Alyssa Reuse

Sardar Mohammed Daoud

Afghanistan President Sardar
Mohammed Daoud was overthrown
and murdered in a coup led by pro
communist rebels. Daoud had ruled
Afghanistan since coming to power in
a coup in 1973. His relations with the
neighboring Soviet Union had grown
progressively worse since that time as
he pursued a campaign against
Afghan communists.
Afghan President Is Overthrown and Murdered.
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People of Kabul
Travelers to the area say a
massive purge of Daoud
supporters was underway with
people being rounded up and
shot all over the country.
"1978: Afghan Coup Rebels Claim Victory." BBC News.
BBC, 29 Apr. 1978. Web. 22 Oct. 2015.

April 27, 1978

Daud, the vice president, leading
ministers, and commander of the
armed forces all died on this day
by trying to resist the takeover.