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Hey guys, I (Wajitha) was there during the first half of the

No written exams and only Personal Interviews was done.
As usual the first question is Tell me about yourself and from
some they have asked about interviewees family background,
Long term goal and short term goal.
Then they have asked few about training, training experience,
favourite subject and nothing about the project.
Initially they have asked the questions based on the interviewees
favourite subject.
But, then the panel had asked same common questions from
almost all of the interviewees.
*What is heat exchanger, types of heat exchangers, types of
flows inside the heat exchangers, how to find the tube diameter of
a heat exchanger?
*What is friction factor?
*What is boiling point? , How B.P. varies with elevation?
*The difference between unit process and unit operation.
*What is distillation?, Fundamentals of distillation and distillation
**What is pump?, Types and uses of pumps (Specially about
Centrifugal Pump), Parts of a pump, What is volute of a
centrifugal pump?

**What is a valve?, Types and uses of valves

***Bernoulli equation
[The double and triple stared (**/***) questions are the most
common questions asked by the panel.]
#No H.R. related questions.