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Today, HINDALCO company visited our campus.

It conducted a test which

consisted of following sections, which will serve as a filter for the personal
interviews which will be conducted later on:

Verbal about 26 questions

Psychometric test 80 questions
Quant 16 questions
Logical 10 questions
Technical 26 questions

Some of the questions asked are as follows:

1. Which gas is used in the Habers process?
2. Which are the components used in Solvays process?
3. The dehydrogenation of oil is carried out in which type of vessel?
(Ans: agitated vessel)
4. What is prandlt number and its significance.
5. Match the following :
( The various numbers and their formulae were to be matched)

Reynolds number
Froude number
Power number
Weber number

6. Basic questions about distillation, absorption.

7. What is gibbs free energy?
8. X + Y
2X + Z
The rate of reaction of Y = ________ *Rate of reaction of X (Ans: 2)
9. What is Peclet number?
The diagrams of various types of packings.