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Christin Winata Halim 10.1

Pa William
English B
29 September 2015
Sexual Harassment in Pakistan
Sexual harassment can be generally defined as behaviour. It is an unwelcome
behaviour of a sexual nature. It can take many forms. The forms can be both physical and non
-physical contact. One example of a non-physical contact is when a man is whistling at a
woman as she walks by. Another example is a woman looks a man up and down when he
walks towards her. Worse behaviours might involve physical contact, raping and torturing.
Pakistan is one of the countries, which has a lot of sexual harassment cases. According to
Human Rights watchdog, in 2014 there were 68% women who became harassment victims in
Pakistan. Most women in Pakistan are still lack of education. In their culture, people
generally think that women are always under the men. In another word women cant do
anything because everything depends on the mens decision. The way men treat women in
Pakistan proves that the more power man have the more abusive they become, which is
shown by how men justify harassing, raping, and torturing women.
There are many sexual harassment cases that often happen in the public transportation
such as bus or train. When women are standing in the middle of the male crowd, the men
might take an advantage of this situation to touch the womens sensitive body parts. The
sexual harassment can also occur in the workplace when the men have higher position than
the women. One case happened to Faiza Bibi in 2011. She is a resident of Bhara Kahu. She
lives in a suburban area of the city. She usually uses public transportation to reach her
workplace. One day, she had a bad experience. She was touched by one of the bus driver. She
said that the bus drivers often harass female passengers who were sitting next to him.

Sometimes they even touch the womans sensitive body part while pretending as if they were
shifting the gear (Pakistan today). This womans experience is only one type of common
harassment among other types of physical harassment cases in Pakistan.
There are also a lot of raping cases in Pakistan. Women who have been raped in
Pakistan is a clear evidence that the more power men have, the more abusive they become.
The increasing number of raping cases becomes a major problem in this country. In 2014,
there was a seventeen-year-old girl who was raped by a man . The girls name was Azra. She
worked for a landlord family as a maid. She was still nine years old when she started to work
there. When Azra was seventeen, the son of the landlord abused her sexually and forces her to
serve him. Later on, the boys family finally knew about their sons action. They were afraid
that the girl would report to the police, so they murdered the girl. This case proves that men
can do anything they want to a woman, especially those men who live in a powerful or rich
family. They will not respect a woman who has low reputation like Azra who worked as a
maid in her Landlords family (gvnet). This raping case demonstrates how abusive men can
be towards other female citizens.
The worst case that proves the abusive power of men towards women happened in
2014. There was a girl who worked for an educated family as a maid in Defense Lahore. At
first, Fizza worked there to help her mother. She was still nine years old when she started to
work there. One day, her mother got another job and left the landlord family. Fizza continued
to work there to replace her mother. Later on, the landlord started to treat her badly. He often
tortured her. Fizza became an object of punishment. Her wrists and ankles with a tight rope
tied her. She was not allowed to have medical treatment even though her bones were broken.
After a series of physical torturing, the landlord finally brought her to the hospital. She was
unconscious and in a coma for two days. After that, she stopped breathing and her brain
fractured. And she finally died (gvnet). The case above proves that the girl doesnt have any

rights to live peacefully because the man tortured her. This last evidence strengthens the
statement that men have a tendency to abuse their power and they are more powerful than
women in Pakistan.
In conclusion, those three cases that happened to Faiza Bibi, Azra and Fizza in
Pakistan are evidences that prove that man can be extremely offensive toward women. Power
determines the way men treat women. But women who are weak and powerless are at risk of
these types of abuses. Most of the people in Pakistan are still applying the old tradition,
which treat women on the lower position. Which means they can do anything to those women
who come from the lower level and those who are not well educated. One solution for this
problem is that women should improve their education level and know their rights. Another
way is that the government should protect their citizens especially women who often treated
badly and unfairly by enforcing the womens right law.

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