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I. disbelief about racial issues

B. civil rights, etc. “STORM OF NEGLIGENCE”
II. people forgot about Katrina I. reader connection through imagery
A. he kind of did, but still A. hadn’t recognized the
wanted to help out impact this trip would have
III. summarizes condition of ninth ward II. Ninth ward vs. French Quarter
A. discusses school he’s A. damage in ninth ward
staying in (Connects himself with III. Biased evacuation plan
issues) A. didn’t serve lower class,
B. naivety of issue black communities
IV. Despite time passing, there is still IV. Rescue and recovery efforts were
damage biased
A. ghost town vs. city A. fighting crime vs. helping
V. personal experience w/houses and V. Racism in the media
residents A. yahoo news- finding food vs.
A. getting help was difficult looting
VI. Racial and social discrimination in B. refugees
rebuilding VI. Rebuilding plans
A. replacing communities with A. bias towards low-income
industry B. “not welcome back”
B. “not welcome back” VII. Disbelief about racism
VII. Crime of negligence A. Bush and Rice
A. we need to ensure equality B. racist structure
IIX. People in power don’t help IIX. His experience
A. education needed to solve A. I saw it all firsthand
the problem B. it will never be the same
X. most important racial event
A. racial injustice still a problem
B. people need to remember
C. experience will help us