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Coral Shanahan


Overview of Project

Executive Summary
The XYZ School District is a public School district that serves a
large urban city in the state of Minnesota. The district provides
education for students Kindergarten through twelfth grade.
These students come from a variety of ethnicities. Current district
statistics are as follows:
White Americans


Students of Color


African American


Hispanic American


American Indian


Pacific Islander
Total Students Served


The XYZ District has been struggling to find a pre-made

curriculum that both covers National and State Standards of
Instruction and is geared toward diverse urban populations, such
as the students the district serves.
In 2012 the district undertook the endeavor of writing its own
curriculum and posting it on a central staff website. The
Mathematics Units are self-supporting at this time, but the
Literacy Units are vague and do not supply enough daily lesson
structure, sequencing and resources to provide teaching staff with
a uniformed and useable unit across the different schools within

the district. The XYZ District is now reviewing the literacy units
one by one and amending them as needed.

This project will focus on a Literacy Unit for Third Grade. The unit
is a study of realistic fiction. Topics will include self-to-text and
world-to-text components, inference, character traits and
predictions, text features(illustrations), and text-to-text character
comparisons. This project will provide daily lesson plans and
classroom resources that scaffold, and extend student learning in
these areas.

Teachers will be provided with daily lesson plans, resource
materials, and a variety of ongoing formative testing options for
the unit. They will also use the district made pre-and post-test to
determine student growth. The unit will be tied to the National
and State Standards with a complimentary array of materials to
reflect the urban student and cultural experiences, both past and

Target Audience
The audience consists of male and female adults aged twenty-two
to sixty-five. All participants have had prior experience on the
delivery of units of instruction. The project information will be
delivered during weekly staff professional development meetings.

Delivery Options

This will be a group meeting/classroom delivery. Participants will

be provided with a PowerPoint type presentation covering the
scope and sequence of the unit. Supplemental use of audio
and/or visual stories may be included along with blackline
masters of individual components of the lessons.