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What shown in the picture has got its

name from the gentle man shown on the

right side?

This place in Kerala got its name

from the fact that it is the queen of
the eastern hill lands. Which

In Slovakia, its tradition for boys to pour water over girls

and whip them lightly with braided willow branches that
have ribbons attached, in an event called sibacka.With
which festival/celebration it is associated?

The oldest claimed representation of X is a painting

in the French caveGrotte des Combarelles. In 1900s
German Julius Frommer invented the "cement
dipping" method of producing X. Whats X?

Which 1971 film directed by

Sasikumar starring Madhu, Kaviyoor
Ponnamma and Adoor Bhasi in lead
roles had a tragic end in climax
where a school shed collapses and
the students die, which eventually
made the film a flop!

What structure built by the person shown

on the picture was dedicated to Queen
Lalit Tripura sundari?

X is an illness usually found among wind instrument players which is an

allergic reaction which does not respond to anti biotics, steroids or other
treatments.X is caused by Exophiala, afungususually found in
decaying wood and soil also found inside wind instruments! X is named
after a wind instrument too!