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Pakhtunkhwa Hyde! Development Organization CMe eee ae Organization (PHYDO) Investment Opportunities Hydropower Projects of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakhtunkhwa Hydel Development Organization (PHYDO) ‘Khyber Pakhtunkthwa Map (Districts) INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES IN HYDROPOWER ‘PROJECTS OF KHYBER PAKHTUNKHWA Introdaction ‘ber abbinva Province (KP) eel wth mmene Hy Power semi (HPP) duet is grsrapy,rtural Booey of munber of ain spam rer acing In, Pars, Kankar Chil an St. Th Potelrensind foc of itt pate meso and nero funding eos. Most of the Ide projets of Pitan inching the ‘ios Tate and Wak Da, enc of mankind a abo pode never ening advange to Ran of ver (BOR) for sorage af water and contraction of low hea Bel and MaMic dl project om wich cu elec nd cen lect cn te genratl fr comapton in te prone TR satis, tor priate Ivement the provoe prove an entlnt opportunity Yr exploring the enomous benefts of HEP dve wo esting Rivers, goes, ever tibtsies and canals wih reasmale pide Landiape, V shaped vale cared ot by ther, eal 4 bal a, tual and ote cl wos fo el powe developmen projet, Sable ose cash Bows, High rt of rem, Cancesne im es on import of hosing pty If he ore! opin expe nt athe cet energy ess cul beaver, ees KP has sce poer aaa or 5 peopl Pasian so pox of aout 6400 MI of whi cal (556 MW has teen apps alone fa KP prove 360 MW of he ‘apy sine, wee asthe KP has grep ower potcatal eae $0.00, Government of Kier Palit (GoKP) has font the Projet Sponsors, Te Fal Incense in hie Ply intend ta Be _grenotte projec senor tug tr poly nbter Ba of 50 MU renee and ow Province can ame LOL and LOS ding wil ot be pliable for mw se of ay apc Raw se Fay cpa wl beavarded on stone ist sre bss. + ray aad of ses Jet of approving ou pw 0. fa een browght dow ffm Board to Seceary Eeezy & Power Department + To rede the cost of snes repeats of egaog as wel as Energy oer Deparment hve tur ied 8 he proce + Tp acme nrc 0 eae eestor Wo se oa or + Concesion psd wb p19 30 Yeas. All stove inca ae 3 prt of Flea Power Plc of 22 and cover ‘eat ed inplemsnson of Fos Geeta el by eae soso Pac Sao Pub rate Paste (PP] and nds Sector, sey toprol garntes oe cl and fpr cnet nis ‘rao ont rice ow at power fre by mens and commer ‘mt but en be ted fr econ dewprent he pore ‘remome unemployment 0 ery ‘The Pathuakwa Hyde Development Onioaion PHYDO) was ‘abe in 1986 to inden and explore the hye potential $8 ar PHYDO has made emendou Achiwenetn pring nen SO PKS tlio er year forth province by complet or (0) oe ‘ota capacy 0 105 MM. acer Malan Hyd! ston, Dag {G1 MW), Feb Hyd! sation Sabi (18 MW), Resa Hyse so, ‘Chil (12 MW) an Sis He sation, Chil (1.8 MW) Prem, woe i sprog on he 3) HPP Le. Mac, aden 2 MW) whch wl be complaed inane 2014, Rena, Kohn (F7 MW) wich bby Desmter 214, Darl Kh, Sat (364) wh wl be (npn by Desnden 215 Pre peje ae we dng ae a ‘acades Las, Citra (9 MW), Matitn, Swat (SE MI), Kata, Di SL 2), ako, Mansel 7 MU) ad Karr, Shang (10 MAW). PHYDO as indeed Hel penal of moe than 00D MW, wh can be devnped dough Picco, Pate ezor or Patic Pate Patersip err, {skin bar ben ficng sot horas ate per sora the ‘wowace of KP 0 exeton In KP at psa, thee ia demand sop ‘an of aboot 2500 MW which nrg lang ae pe anna fs = wone ated and tas 10 ence th power an gi Sad Foowing the th Amendat (Arte 17 the Consion of Pais the poor arto ested wh al auton to dee op over pees any capcty trough pubic or priate seaoe and canta reed eplatoryfemewoce Ine of peisen cea) ers ant oppo rade by the new eebing famework, the CORP has deed Wo Hay 3 roacive mle i the energy sea fo pomde sale cope fr power ‘Boeniin a he et cos, ecourig abd este elon of geo owe, which intide reponable cary FUR, maa Tees tpt of loc engineering nd manfctrigepubler ese at favoameat ai encourage the pat Secor to devel Hyde peal and ilze the power generat forthe inusry as wel 3. for ater pees accorace wih the orn Res Prourenect (cers Sed Sodas The implenesiation of loon process under Eoey See which cenphasans on the meas for inprved govenanes,ratoanzation of ent pes elanced cory searation abd ee we as eee be fidng prise In onder 10 ate werk on inpemeeation of ths leat sex hich wee engl for sie, dae and lab wer ey eed et ace POLICIES & GUIDELINES FOR DEVELOPMENT OF HYDROPOWER Federal Power Poliey 2002 Prite Poner Inasrace Nout (PIB) ander Mainy of Water & Tower, Elamabed the fra! body (One Winkow fii) fr implereton hs Poy cy and ther frmstion on mest t eres canbe donde fo PTB wes ero Provincial (KP) Power Policy-2006 Prisca Power Toiey.2006 is Kigber Patiunkiwa policy for Deveson Onaninon (PHYO) under Eat Power deparen of jer Pakbnitve the fal toy One’ Window Fact) for sepemeniation of ply Pay and tr nermaion em ese 2 Sroeustndogmeek™ Key Organizations Involved in Development of Hydropower Water rower DelopnertAuhory(WAPDA) the main pu sector Paisan. Nasoon! Tagsison and Dpuch Company (NIDC) and eter Hlecee Supply Company (PESCO) depen up teva ject ote a KP ‘he poweai of pos be cone orton ai Jere spose fr inpleneting feral power poly 2002 PHTYDO (KP ihe One Window Fast rate sector deeonnent at enor ‘Ker aula Boa of Invertnent nd Td (KP-BO) playing alae ar 2 ate fr ing thee Yo promis fade an investment cites in KP inthe eOery or a commie to ring conomi promperty inthe Price though oe pes delopment ‘Ao determines for exon the uemenious Engy and Power sco" tet ofthe Province ina welt an i oat on meeting import dj of attain lala fon nestor dso of enti om ‘his huge HPP potenti the KP. new speach ope xn ine ine rece forthe roses of {hep he eo inn and veda ine en (yo le than te (3) yea Ene apd Perrone of sch penal een eso which a eal ure of retention forthe rosacea a Se comide the power howe The clahomatie rl Gf KEBOIT wth PEDO and PHTYDO ar an implementing am giver he arent a sce or bec of ene mando app ‘Feasibility Studies handed over to WAPDA. PHYDO ater completion of fessaty stad of tee pret (11 AW ‘Alla Kha 72 Khar Kar an 30 MW Duber Kw handed ver he ‘cect to Wap for contraction. Tete rjc bs btn cmp. ‘dentficaton data handed over to PPIB PHYDO ako hr over PIB the idoicon dt of i mein and Inge hel projects it projets wi tal apy of aan 200 se vader pain 08 deepen by pate ec. Investment Opportunities ‘The KP Goverment sing 9 cree Bes pos emi or te ite iver ening them 10 utile the anastle Hyde Power source. Even thug, Pls aig a vapreceened ener st veto suring demand ans supa. carat ene ae ae Dev ‘epeden on land pan the demand fr xed ngs op. aia’ piary ery sop nly depend pon the prt cae oo (end perk products eto which the country's oie Ht “acteded about USS 1 Shilo, which ge bnden onthe cor Hower, in ines runes he pet ey EDA EEO hat am afte and susie cy road map devopet in the Province caption the We of sess roi i 8 eRERY Pret fe wich, pelea and fealty ses ae compte re ieee teak vents uw utile province pb) {vero they one nado penton nema je pre he se tom 6 years 1 es than 3 years no ay in pace wth ran dnpriment, Na pre in ting NOC and War Te Cher No ‘whraton a Land oqusion Pres: GOKP assent evdapment ad acu of power proce ee and eed pr he eso of Minizy of Water and Powe, _Feasbty often (10 poten ROR ses rine om 2.25 MW oe ‘alae or pate sector inestnet These ses ae ee cated on the tries ver Kenba Khan Khar, Seat, Us Pao, Chia and ‘Mas Tse sees hve alley ben ave for ate Spas ths respons 1 rae imesh own nes, “Te fsty sti of teen (5) HPP potenti ste having cape of 50-00 RW wk tol eapucy of 1911 MW hae Ben nine. Te te eos on Maser, Di, Stan, Bagram an Chitral dics on the ‘Avia! Gol, Chara Masts and Laspur have been nied. Furherare ‘se rj ik compe en se wl ee ae 1a ation o aon, vo (2) move HP, which ince Shsgai- Zand ‘Chia MW) and Shoppe Chea (182 MM) wil Be cnsracte n Pubic Prate Paeti(PPP ade [KP poernment with WAFDA bi sigeé Menorandun of Undestunting ‘revere Kovein Compe Consoum M/S KIMPCO, M/S PASCO [MUS Lowe EEC, M/S Dac, a IFC forthe costretion of HPP Lower Spa Kaan (6 MU) wit eg Fs with Des Egy ao of ‘20, Seow o 27 equ, 2% Kye abana ad %¢ WAPDA nd 79% Korean. ‘xP goverment wih WAPDA bit ho singat Memoranda of (hn a TE oma or Pn 88 MW) with eg yer Patni and 1% WAPDA and 76% Korea and Ste Co Lu A company iorporata bd esta dee ans a pubic of Chins fr Development of Sees OF Hydoporer Press (gt tac) On Swat Re Apress SOOM. In oe toate pt soar PHYDO a fee pre ely sti of tex (0 el el pes fr loa nests. Feteoe feta Stas of Seven) medi el res fave ken comple whe Eh ( esbiy statics ain progres ae eupleton cam be fred 10 “Through Public Private Partnership (PPP) easy ubes of recs 132 MW Shon Hydropower aj. Date Chiral and 144 MW Shushga-Zhedok: Hydropower Projet ats Chiral hve ee comet, ref on thee pos ar aac ‘One Window Facility ee ANNEXURE - I ou we | wo | war a sto woo | ows | cece rownna | 6 zoe ere | oom |e Tecan | 9 we) ooser |e Teoma | wea] +] EI seonmmncmmes |e on worxraena| woe weoraan | saw | aun) | Seen atorasoouen | SS pore | steesia “pot sone * so 79g seat ut yuouido]>49¢] 204 >19eIEY patarduioy Sangiseag-aq ~ b2fo0d (PSE ANNEXURE - 1 BRIEFS OF 10 PROJECTS (Pre-F /Studies Completed) Nila-Da-Khatta HPR District Manschra The Project 025 km fom vlage Paras a 30 i ops f Bast ow wich ces decd foo Kaghan von 1 ha + dein dchrge of 57 mec with rt head of 28 a a ta apace of 247 MW The pent ineler x Cocete Wey Sand tap, Hence Tune, Sa sha, Pensoce, Porthos, Taiace Coal an Hating Ae Accessibility ‘he pot poner houses es ace om Bakr Kapa fond ‘ms te eae ses arr og etn Pepa ek 2. Bhimbal Khatta HPP District Mansehra The Project Shin Kaa i erty of Kanha River sou Sen downs of [Naren town The pops intake oat tac of shout 3.4m inthe Think vay fm main od. The proposed powerhouse wl ected sth ight ak of Kana iver Natural aoe in te vale ae beeen 5301070 degrees Rae a ign chap of 23 ces with rs ad ff 22m and an ital capacy of 756 MW. Grant of the ner bd is Accessiility ‘Acs spose by ma alo Kaghan ron Homer Be wi equi 0 ros the Kunbar River and bow kn oa 0 Be conse to ach per hose ste For We iak about road ad 2 Bidet ‘om Bb Nua ee woe const Toston ri Abad Kaho ‘ane River ‘Nia Ds Kathe Dee Dae 7, m/s — ne co Hed m2 = = Desa itae rr wise Deen Ci 2a Aw. a . = = ean Anna ay Tao Gwiva aaa a = Reena Ni (GoR) Me Areal ay wis ewe es of Rover Camel 325 im Reeve Ni GOR Satie ESTE yg ce Tae of Ree Col 237 a eed ae me tof Aces Ras NT | Tos manele [Cover Tansmision ne @SKM)_[_128 MUS tae a at a al tiated con a Us ix per ras uss/iw [cer Em s7AW Sno P| ‘Feast Sy Competed Sor ro Pee Feasiiy Stay Copland 3. Saiful Maluk HPB District Mansehra The Project lasted ilge Navn approximately 5 km noth of Baht town The eso ding wir The pet at a design dich of 193 cues Pre mar» Conc i, Sin tap, Heatne Tune Sag sb, Accessibility War iat is accesible by fp able rad om Nason. About OS hn rood fom exsing Jep able roa ned 0 be coset ech Powe 4. Batkani HPR District Shangia The Project “Tae pj aaa near lage Bata’ and Dam. We ropa Hino! at ou Ss upsteamvilpe Daron. Head ace cal reo ‘height ark of Khan Kha. The projet ha a design che of $29, ter witha rors bend of 12251 m and an tall cacy of 25 MW, Foreay, Spiay, Pntock, Powerboat, Taiac © Canal and Hong ‘The ite is pope stow 300m dowasucam of vag Bika and ower howe ss prope! abot SO m upsteam of wage Damar. The over chanel ure! Khan Kiar tt nk par ecity aaa a toed Shrtnchsiemadand Been Kia var wold be raed =a a Design Discharge 193 wi / See — eee ade ttande. i = = 5 ae a aa ar so [lowe —s ee — = er [Mean Anoual Eoergy 1403 GWh/a eet ma w ii ae | ow St Sa wy = pt Fei a = Cet Taininiee | 0 | pesos teas |e | tae et nnd Co | oss Aol ae Sam aa ana Ea aa a ere See Pa os ee oe we 5. Chowkel Khwar HPE Di ct Swat The Project ‘he poet ctl at Manin lage atte mouth of Chowk! Kovar to Sat Rie AF Mani be dg reethone by se! wie pes ‘tome Svat Re ap connec the vila to main ad. The projet ar 2 espn dchare of 730 cen wh gs bad of 195 dan nll Hendace Tonal Sane Sh Pentock, Foes, Talce Canal and Accessibility ‘Both intake nd power owe ae aceite by Jeb 6. Kedam Khwar HPP District Swat ‘The Project Kelam Kiva ithe pe uary of Swat Ber Kear ia vitae 7h {500 The ike weir cated ear lage Pal Bla. The project a (Gibco let wit ion cg cf 3.13 came ving 2 power foetal of 178 MW. The projet imole a Conse We, Sand ‘rp, Headce Tanne Suge Sh, Pentack, Foweoae, Tatace Coal Accessibility sonst, Toon Gt Seat = = a eof Ri ‘Kelner = = = oie Dae 3B 7 a Cnc 2 aw ea a es Anal wee Gwar os = = = ei Aven ey co wire eno Ni oom) = Nl («on eh of ver Comet 206 ry ——— i a [Caco Aes Rand ORM [0 Mus [Se Ace Ran Kno) [0005 Mus [CoofTanminon Linea [057 Mus (CotelTenninion ne im) [0 Muss eal ed Cot Bat MUS Pl xine Cont Dae or cry 1) uss Comer 12 ussenw Seo Fae PeFestlty Say Compt Seasot oee eRe Say Copland 7. Gandigar HPR District Dir ‘The Project si River jos Poa Rive at wige Darr. The scheme ek mth Gane Ga iignon wae ha tating fom lage Als a2 shin Yate dense pope an as hy dep nfscure conceeing housing ae, pation, and agate: The rt as nf 17839 m ad wih deg Secon of 225 come and ang + mee potential of 321 MW. The pret moles a Cant Wei, Sad tran Remodeling of exiting cal & ale! aracres, Foey Spay 8. Ayun Gol HPE District Chitral The Project The Ayon shes proposed tobe dewoped on Ayan Gal (Rive) in Dire Chal aear ape Ayn ator 35m short af Chiral owe. Tae ff 255 and with design dachage of 7 cumess and having » power ote of 71 MW, The rj ivter» Conse Wei San Headrace Tena Sare Sha, Pens, Powerhouse, Tae Canal nd evn, orb Ts Cs a Ace 4c let on acta cei afew ani a ma =—s anand et cea = 7a Pa [we Tere ror etd = : [Design Daschanne as er Peon Carty 1817 new = ves | ate tana am [owe i al a0] ew ee os are 7 | i seh a] aga [i emer anacornaey | ao | au emthestnitioresasa [was a Soman se tra =a [ sos [ease rs Sa a cei et eri Ca mot Pa efi mind 9. Barum Gol HPR District Chitral ‘The Project ‘The Bram Gols he ig nhatary of Mas River. Te alley 26 Ka Jorg ad jie he Mast River at an elevation of 1900 The sep Pca ‘mand wits dog deta of comes and hing pe ote of 2485 MW. The pret inae a Concte Wei, Sa tap, Hendace “Tunnel, Surge Sha Reetock, Powerhoue Talace Cama and Hound Accessibility ‘The eae asst by jeep ae rnd up o Rar lige. ron Rasen Vitae aces oad aes be costed up 030m eat ae at thei te Sim, for omer Bone se acco FO ee 0 Be conse fom exiting vce bios of Mass River. The pepossd 10, Mast River HPE District Chitral TheProject of Chea iver Te Power ean! wil ps tough arcu bd and "he At. The forty ed ower Rae ibe esto be Rak of Ma iver ear lage Kare Glgh where a tema of sot 1503 50 eter indirariale Accesiility Both nae and power house ae acess by mete road hich ras ogg Mast Ree ‘eof rad wit abo fm Tain ‘aon Name of Rrer Maa ie Toston ‘Teal Ns, Dis Cit ie Dist a wise ane of Ree ‘Bacon Got Gon ed oo = Deis Dare o 75 re a ice aaa od 2 a sn Al Ee vase [| _OWae ea A am eww —_ = = = i com eae = E enh of Power Tne mn im [sivsccertstrenon ee bain of Ass Ran (me) | 1.90 Mus [CaterTanmisintinetniay | 08 Mus oxo Rainn Line oss MUS Fo inne ot as ws alien oo MUS [eae 4 ss caret vas | usw Se of Po Pasi ay Comnont Senso Poe ees Say Comet @ ANNEXURE - I ANNEXURE - IL BRIEFS OF 7 PROJECTS (Feasibility Studies Completed) ooes EN 0 jane U Podo}aep aq UeDsiaoxd OSOUL “OOH cee see 1, Balakor HP Distt Mansehra Felzlzisle TheProjct, EEVEIE\E EE FP as vicar in 6 eli lelelelels| z fe Baet Tope Tu Due Mace eth cage of Kolar HABABAENL {oer ih pea of 20m td wil roe over ef ONO A i ‘hel pc! cy wil TI GWh Te pe ies = g Elalsle| & 5 concrete gravy Dum, hearace tunnel, Suge sha, Pestock, Powerhoese, Pee le | 3 eC tn g] [Fy # : ey ele toxin Iain 3690 BIEISIEVEIE/E] $4). toner) 2 a)2 | 3) SS ae § [Name of River ‘Kemhar —| 8 Teed a glslslsl=elels]2r| 3 Dees Dacia = ale slala/£l/2|s|3/s4 | 2 [Gros end Bo zi = g Design Capacicy 300. Ww alylelelelelelee es lossy | 107 om elajelslelels|fal § Soe 3 eschew Cd | my 7 ego Tt 12 ry sls/slelelelilfE ee ear 2/5) |6)8) 2/8] 4 a =| 9 et | wuss wlelelallelelef| & agement ela/a/slzle/2|2e| § oer 2a wes =/e/8)$) 2) 6) 5) ge lad Sane oa sy Sn artes = Rao Rae iy Sree slelglslglele| be SEDER appt mcrae he 3 B/E aE a 2. Naran HPE District Mansehra The Project ‘The Naan iehopower pr is tein Divi Marcia, sbout 2 ftom Naan Town in Dt Mancha, It wes the dca of Kaba Rie wi gos bed of 352 meter and wl dace power 18 WL ‘The aul priced enay wil be TS.6 GW The poe aes 2 cones gravity Dam entice tel Sue shat, Pesto, Powe, 3. Ghorband Khwar HPE District Shangla TheProject ‘Te Gotan copower rj! ost i Dart Shang, abot 25 ‘ston podacedenray wil be LLL40 GWh The pj imolver + We? Dam Hexice tunnel, Sanday, Pee Tune. Sre ha. Pnstock, Pomeroure,Tatace Canal and Reset Ae. —— = mp ES = a ke ce Sear 1 [Design Discharge 0 fs _ iS = = FE ee tat 7 ee ee — aoe ast ae jee a = 2 eee | et + [ssetensetas [1 [ os Slee aaa Sera 1 |ivusumanausb/am | 1 aces —— somplcsd 11 | Tal Estimated Cont 7069 M.USS Saeneeeres eel _Rart 9 Abt wks be passing am powrounn of Fe poe. pa comptes | 4. Nandihar Khwar HPE District Batagram ‘The Project ‘The Nani ndopower proj eae a Dist Haag, aout 8 tim fom Bataga town ae the acne of Nace Khwor wih ou ead of 2450 meter and wl pce & power of 123 MW. Tae Dam Headace tne Sind ap, Presze Tunnel Sue ha, Pens, 5. Arkari Gol HPE District Chitral ‘TheProject ‘Te Atari Gal apower at ate a Chir, ome 30m oem (Chil Town in Dit Chia ete charg of Asks Gl wh os ad of 35 meer and wi pce a power of 99 MW, The ana rece nergy wile 414 GWh. The prec nce 3 conc a Bam, beatae tnd Surge sha, Pestck, Powers, Tulane Cal ‘Neate Riva Dee ‘Ata Gol HP, Die ee ro) atade 0935-5 - 28" io Longa) 7a 20" ‘ame of Rr andar wa Rn ‘ke Go fsx Base Daa vat favo} ‘Base Data Unt 1 [Des Dice e B%. 1 [Deen Disa % wa 3 [been cacy ry Dw 5 | Desen Coes 2 aw 4 [ean Asmat Earp on; ruc, “| mes Asal omy a | owe 6 [Lena of Power nt Ni i a) teat Per Channa Ni 5 7 [tenth Tenet a 1 7 [tenho Tone 56 = 8 [cos or Fesay sues asi [Muss Pilger i, 2os | Mess [eemetaceematttin [oss uss! 9 [cwascosnoscsem cane | a5 | uss as eee Road wp Gedatont Bape) ee ot 40 [funy moto ncUSD/ im | 1 [Ta stad Cos a9 | Muss, TH [out Eis Co ime | muss 12 [compara aes [Muss 12 [Cope 190 | Muss a lmaarasl Fey ray has eee Fes Say abe Pa ES 13 [Sane Pe Pag 6. Mujigram-Shoghor HPE District Chitral The Project ‘The Semifed scheme “MujgrmShoghoe Hdopower Pres” ‘oe dy peaking. The ps bead alae twee he ei Leto Rivera ight rary of Mas River and fom tpt wi i the Chil Ris The cnflenc about 5k up of Chita Fon ‘The were erie near Migr ide spo. km omnes 7. Istaru Booni HPE District Chitral The Project st Rvs ie igh tay of Mas iver ie Mat River shot ves of ears Vilage Tuto Vale The power hose ste oped onthe ight hank of Macy River ner Boost Town. The oj sta, Pennock, Poweioue Trace Cal and Reena Aaa se Istara Beoni IPF District Chitral “ir tecain ato) a 27 Nigam sage ong 2 2 — ‘Latirude(N) 360 00 4 3.4" [Name of River “Turkano River Lies 1096347 molecd a No fe Lert ie ; = ee pa 1 [sin Dasa = a ; 3 [owed we : 1 [Datei zal Testis a * 5 [Deen conc 2 Mw ui paar ar oth 1a na aay 2 wwe [Rc ee _| Ha exon chee Come | Nt = | a of over ad] We 7 [le To 7] = 7 [eno Te oe + [emotreney eam | ve | wus 3 [Gator Retains ia | Ns ere : wr] wuss > | Sat aces Ra ein Sacer | Existing Road up Gradation) - uGs Got Teste Lie TE weifomatanmicintee | a | mons w |Srsgowutsoa | 47 | muss [iaeemscisorie | s Tr [eal aide Tse | wuss 1 foaled mn | woes 2 [compan arm_|_ Muss 12 [eos nw a [wuss 13 | sameatPine Fas Sst 1B [si esa Sattar apa ANNEXURE - IIL BRIEFS OF 8 PROJECTS ANNEXURE - Il (Feasibility Studies in Progress) Se © c TEER a Bar of sxmps omen = war eth wan oe oo 0085 095 or wee or 6 or we wa moar we song gre owen aye ee Jaga 0 qaR| w lpp 9g ea LON wie wee wae wo SSM OOWd NI SAIGAUS ALIUMISVad WAGNA SLDALOWA THGAH JO ISK we or on a 1, Barikot Patrak HPB District Dir ‘The Project, ‘The Bat Para opower oj! ct in Di Khitan, ba 50 Pashora Rr with ro head of 253 mera wi rode 2 power at {7 Ths proded enc wi e280 WR. The ret ais 4 Yee/ Dam, Headnice Tuan, Sau, Pre Tec, Sune sa, Pensa, Powerhouse, Tatace Canal and Reset Are. ction Lion 2°25 1622" one) 2 10 072" ‘Nene of er Pato Se ase Dat ‘al 1 [Deen Dict Fy mis 2 [Gress Head 255 = 3 | Dean const © a 4 [Mean Anna Ey 20 | ewe Taleo Tet 6 i 5 [Cont Resmiiy is wm? | M.USS 9 | SetotAcoms Roses 1 oxy | muss end up Gratin 4 |tcmaaioncusorin | 5 | __ MUS 13 [Soa ores sonal nia te 2, Patrak Shringal HPE District Dit The Project ‘he Park Sharing bower poke ct in De Kaban, sat 8 es NorthEast of Darton n Dict Des Upper I he dca Para Rr with agro ea of 8D meter and wl rice power of 22 ‘MU. The aml pred eae wl e129 GW, The jet eer 2 Wek Dam, Hetdrce tunel. Sandrap, Premure Tune, Sarge sal Pensac, Powethoue,Taace Canal and Reel Ae, 3. Shogo Kach HPB District Dir The Project “Te Shogo Kach dapower jet i cate in De (Lame) souk fom Temergan town ia Diss Die Lower It wer the daca of Paphora River wih prot bad of 9 mater a will pce a power of ioe + conc gravy Dam, preset, Sue ha, Peo, Poweroues Taine Caplan Rss Aes ok Sip, Dis Dc “Bone Ka, DsteDr Location Laud 35°19 162° Location outadt) 34°48 2473" a Longitde(E) 71° 48° 11.87" Naneot ti Par a — = meio vat fan Bain 7} nn = of 1 [Desiga Discharge 10 oe See. - - 2 | Gross Head a ™ 5_ [patency x _ 3 | Design Capacity 12 MW 1 [Mes Asal ay re ——— 2, 5 = on 5 | Reservoir ‘807 Ho a _ = 6 | Leann of Power Channel Nil = 7 [tenho Te a ry eee aa = 1 [ore Festacyaniis | os | Muse + [eat tanya vor | muss + extecerome | an | muss 9 [GertAccsRoni(in) | u8 [uss Ge Tein ec ase Lis SID 10 | (stm) v.19 USD/ km or am 10 [is2kv a 019MUSD/ km acd aw 71 [oat Ese Co [wuss Tr [oa sadn [Muss 12 [con per ana | _auss 12 [ostreaw now [muss 13 [Samer Fey Swath 13 [sss ot ome Festa Sa 4. Boni Zaith HPE District Chitral The Project ‘he Bost Zath ower pret ste in Dict Cita ea 1 Zan age Ise the dae of Maser wih 3 gos Bead of 24 ‘ter and wil pede a per of 176 MW. The anal prsced ney ‘el be TD GWh/a. The project imoie sconce gy Dam, hed ace ‘onal, Surge sha, Penk, Power Hoss, Trace Carl apd Reet 5. Jamshil More Lasht HPE District Chitral TheProject serio Last lige Ise the charge of Mas ie Witham bead F125 meter nd wal oases power of 260 MW. The smal pode egy wil be 158 GW. The pret inole a coset ry Da er Tai Nore Tas ia Location Landa) 3618 toation aad 4-06-19 Lond) 72 9" eget) 7-88 2639" Name River Man ‘Ramet Ber Mas River 1 [Desa Dict 200 ah —_—__ — — 2 [Grete mh a Poe = = 3 [Daven Cain 6 zw | sn Atal Boy es eww 1 [ite Annaler | _ 70 Owes lice a Bet