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Abrupt start with character

talking out of context
Gradual music begins to fade in
creating a crescendo, setting
the mood for the film
Credit saying A Bertie Gilbert
Film appears on screen within
17 seconds
Short duration shots
establishing the genre and
aesthetic of the film without
any order or purpose other than
showing the films style
Several shots introduce the
protagonist characters in the
film, showing various parts of
the plot to show audiences
what to expect, however not
revealing too much
Uplifting and upbeat
asynchronous non-diegetic
music sets the happy and lively
The films title doesnt appear
until the end, when it appears
quickly, connoting the energetic
feel of the piece
Film concludes with the words
Coming Soon at a flash speed,
intriguing audiences

Full Film

Institution title A Bertie Gilbert

Film appears on screen within
first 5 seconds, in the second
This is followed immediately
with credits for the actors and
production team
Audiences hear an initially nondiegetic voice over of the
protagonist who is then shown
on camera
Various shots of different things
appear to establish the films
aesthetic, the same as in the
Film title appears within first 36
seconds not at the end as it
did in the trailer
Big plot twist revealed at the
This is followed by another twist
to conclude the narrative
Music and aesthetic take a turn
at the end during the credits
with plain black and white
colours and soft piano music,
dulling the mood to fit the
deeper moral of the story