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PMAHARLAL NEHRU TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY HYDERABAD Year B.Tech, CEA Sem L wo (1000) PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS ‘biecves: To earn (cory cefan ealae suoton ean be fea croc ‘tant ee inte ert case stuy of tho rail an the Poison aon ‘tbls ad tne Noma andor vasa fhe corer case [redonnanty dessts more probabil derevtars. parr ‘ate! popes fox hene anon vibe prove very 9002 Inet and re ese fonts! appestors + Most of te random sino re desorbed as funcons of man ‘Sng random vari ut ej #0 en ucts Tiny tandem yas eos on ears + Tlmer ot ir Sanwa Seago! pons Spe Siypates ew urna siea! aromas + Themechanem fqieing yim The races quebec + Thecapecte queue len The vata fn, he random processes, The Gaston other poets. 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Probably and Satie for Exgoeors and Scents By Selon tom Academe Pros Operators Reseach by D. Same, REFERENCE BOOKS: Nsharati or Enger by Kata snd MAS Sinan, Congo ‘Pateaions Prey and Stats by TX Vvngar & Kehna Gand Et Fondementals of Mathemata! Statics by $ C Gupta and Vickapoor Prot ad Stic for Enger ar Sct ny Devers Preity Ther & SocaateProeesos by P. Si Ha Ten Pabiee Probab &Ststtc by Abend Watesduth ML Armed Min, ‘The stots wold be ale fl he expected qua oath the ‘a tee rate taaty and te wot te. These vy ‘rob oae any angdna managerar peioms {fe ty te well tral ances ef geo vf stset woul abe 0 undoing about be random process, Tistov posse td Maroy chs which are essen mas ‘tay ie doped pacesae uch a als ones, ‘TiS trae, cing seers Te sent wou bale © te trang bes and the pobabtes ae RI {ite aor a beanches of eronerng Spvnge nrodcon ~ Types of sptngs ~ detection of date nd op Serial pegs und al pul ed al couse — songs Sos Sra poral Cartage oe! 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