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The Roman Theater at

The Roman theater is one of the most well preserved
architecture construction located at the city of
Aspendos, Turkey.
Architects : There are inscriptions in Greek and Latin
that indicates two wealthy brothers Curtius Crespinus
and Curtius Auspicatus built the theater.
Capacity: 10,000 15,000 people.
Theaters Diameter: Approx.. 96 meters (315 ft.)
Even thought The Roman Theater at Aspendos was
used for musical events , entertaining, actually it is still
in used for local events such as concerts, opera, and
Ballet festivals.

Parts of the Roman Theater at


Cavea is divided by 2 section:

Upper level and lower level are made of
marble and limestone.
The lower section has 10 staircases.
The upper section has 21 staircases.
There are 59 vaulted arches.