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Table 7: An interview with a Primary School science


Sample interview questions for the

Principal and/or science
coordinator/teacher re: science
provision in the setting.

Responses from the Principal

and/or science
coordinator/teacher re: science
provision in the setting.

Is there a science coordinator and/or

how many specified science teachers
are there in the school?

Yes / 8 teachers

What are the duties/responsibilities

of the science teacher/coordinator?

Coordinator -> planning organizing - overseen the

science program - curriculum
and assessments
Teachers -> design - write update the curriculum assessments - reports

Does she teach any, all students or

just specific year groups?
Teach all students of the year
Obtain a teaching schedule and any
schemes of work, lesson plans,
software used etc. from the science

Yes/ daily plan - weekly plan yearly plan

Who is responsible for science policy
and provision within the setting?
(Can we obtain a copy of the policy?)

Principal - VP - science

Online/Blended Learning:
Does the setting have its own
website? If so, what is the URL, who
created it and who is responsible for
managing and updating it?
Is there any online/blended learning
taking place related to science? If so,
how is this delivered?

What ICT resources are used

Yes /

Yes/ We use education city as a

tool of science learning in
uploading the science materials
for the students
Youtube - google - Education

specifically for teaching science?

city - bitesize - TES

What science
can be found the setting? (Is there a
list? Differentiate between the
classroom; the science lab and other
areas in the setting e.g. library)
Is there a budget for materials?

Lab assistance

Who trains teachers and staff in the

use the equipment?
Who manages the equipment and

Is/Are there dedicated science labs in

this setting?
If yes, how is it used and by whom?
How is it organised? What equipment
can be found here?

Yes/ all basic science

equipments for primary and

If no, why not? e.g. lack of funds? No

need? Enough science equipment and
expertise in each classroom?

Does the setting feel it has enough

specialist science teachers,
technicians and dedicated science
Which science resources does the
setting feel it needs or would like to
have to achieve its vision or better
science teaching and learning?
e.g. Science Kits, books, wifi,
manipulatives/models, digital
cameras/camcorders, lab equipment
OR soft materials (consumablescolored paper, glue, popsicle sticks

Science kits
Lab equipments

What are the safety rules?


Are the safety rules posted in the

science setting?

Don't touch animals

Wear safety goggles
Wear lab coat
Wear gloves when necessary
Don't eat at your workstation
Clean up your workspace
Be careful with sharp tools
Wash your hands

Who developed these and are they


What safety equipment is available

and when is it used commonly?
Is safety equipment available for all
students in the classrooms?

Is equipment cleaned, if so by whom?

Who manages this duty?
Planning for learning- how are the
science lessons planned for in the
Does the MOE/Zone/KHDA provide
unit plans/lesson plans? (can we
obtain a copy of this?)
Are there weekly planning meetings?
What is usually done in the planning

Fume cupboard
Safety room for chemicals
Eye washer
Coat / Gloves / Glass
Lab assistant

Moe - term plan - yearly plan lesson plan

Yes/ planning for the week
Teachers with coordinator

Who attends the planning meetings?



Does the school have specific goals

related to science (TIMMS scores
How is learning assessed in the
science classroom?

By activities - projects experiments - digital

Is there an assessment plan for the

semester? What does it include?

Yes / peer assessment /

formative / summative

Do teachers collect student data?

What data, when, and what is it used

Yes / level the students /



How do students get feedback so that

they can make improvements?
They get feedback from the
teacher after every
assessment / activity
What science professional
development / training do teachers
currently receive or have recently
How frequently and from whom did
they /are they receiving this?
Yes / Gems PD
Do they have a document that
outlines this PD?
What PD do they think teachers in
the setting still need?

Classroom teaching and