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989 Here at This Table Janét Sullivan Whitaker and Max Whitaker REFRAIN) Andante (d. = ca. 56) Capo3:(G) (G/B) © @) @ C) B®) Bb BbD Eb F Bb Eb D F (atempo) Come___ and be filled here. atthis ta-ble____—- Food for all who (Em) (Am) (Dsus4) (D) @ Gs ©) Gm cm Fsus4 FF B> Bb E> eresc. hun-ger—_ and drink for all who thirst. Drink. of his love, (D) (Em) (Am) (Bsus4) (Em) = (C) (Am) (@) B Gm Cm Dsus4 Gm Eb cm iD dim. ‘erese. dim. e — —s wine. of sal - va-tion.___—-You shall live for - ev-er____in_Je - sus Christ the 12,4 to Verses 1,2, 4][3,5 to Verses3, 5][ Final G (CG) @G G) (C/G) G (Em) (Am) — (Bsus4) Bb Eb/Bb Bb Bb EbWBb = Bb Gm Cm Dsus4 dim. erese. mp crese. we - Lod Lord Lord" You shalllive for- (Em) ©) (Am) @) G (C/G @ (7G) @ Gm ED cm F Bb EL/B> Bb F7/Bb Bb dim. PP m_Fine in Je - sus Christ the Lord. ——___ ev -er. VERSES 1, 2,4 (Dm) G (GB) (Dm) Fm Bb BLD Fm 1. You who la - bor for — jus- tice,_ you who la - bor for 2. You with lives full of pain, you who sor-row and 4. You, the a - ged a ~ mong us, ho - ly, faith - ful and (© 1996, 2000, Janét Sulivan Whitaker and Max Whitaker. Pubished by OCP Publications. All rights reserved 989_HERE AT THIS TABLE, cont. (2) cm @ (Am) (Bm) Bb Dm 1. peace, you who stead - y the plow_________ in _ the 2. weep, you, be - lov - ed of Christ, come to 4. wise, may the wis - dom you share form our () (GB) (Am) @ () (GID) 7) ED BOYD cm Bb, F BhF F7 DG. 1. field of the Lord, 2. him, come to him! 4. lives and our world! VERSES 3, 5 (@) © @ F E> .Bb dim. in ev- ‘ty land, Tear from the — strang - er, 3. Chil - dren of ev- ‘ry col - or. 5. Let each wom-an and = man. (D) (©) @ F Eb Bb 3. you are his fee he gathers you gent - ly. 5. we're not so dif - f'rent__ and so much u-nites____us._ @) @G@ (87 (Em) (C) b ED F Bb D7 Gm a es 3.Don't jayou grow wea - sy, for when you 5. For we are ong blest with _ the (GID) @) (7) (GD) @) BLE E BT BIE F cresc. ‘molto rit, DC. 3. ‘run, y you run with the Lord! 5. Spir ~ it — and the pow-er of love!