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Goals for Professional

AITSL Standards



1. Know students and how

they learn.
1.1: Physical, social and intellectual
development and
characteristics of students.
1.6: Strategies to support full
participation of students
with disability.

Use multiple teaching strategies

based on understanding of student
Design and implement teaching
strategies for relevant inclusion of
students with reference to legislation.

While on prac, plan and implement a

lesson sequence that uses various
teaching strategies effective for
student development, while creating
activities that have relevant inclusive
elements for full participation.

2.Know the content and

how to teach it
2.6: Information and Communication
Technology (ICT).

Use effective teaching strategies with

the integration of ICT to make learning
more meaningful, relevant and

While on prac use ICT such as, Interactive
Whiteboard, YouTube and other
interactive media that creating
meaning learning for students to
engage with.

6. Engage in professional
6.2: Engage in professional learning
and improve practice
6.4: Apply professional learning and
improve student learning
7Engage professionally with
colleagues, parents/carers and
the community
7.4: Engage with professional
teaching networks and broader

Engage in professional learning to

improve practice specific to needs and
priorities that address student learning
needs and facilitate the development
of professional networks.

While on prac ask to join in on any

school meetings to develop an
understanding of school priorities and
learning needs. Attend professional
development seminars and lectures to
obtain new strategies and practices.
Network at the professional
development seminars to meet new
people from schools and companies.

4.Create and maintain supportive

and safe learning environments
4.1 Support student participation

Establish classroom practices that are

inclusive of all students, and engage
every individual in the learning tasks.

While on prac determine the

developmental levels of students and
their ways of learning. Create learning
programs designed to engage all
students, and to be accessible for full
participation for all.

AITSL Standards



5. Assess, provide feedback

report on student learning
5.5: Report on student achievement

Demonstrate a range of
strategies for reporting to parents
while maintaining safe and
reliable records of student

Discuss with mentor different strategies

for reporting while on prac as final reports
will be written during this time. Ask for
samples if possible and start to develop
an understanding of reporting and
recording strategies.

3.Plan for and implement

teaching and learning
3.7: Engage parents/ carers in the
educative process

Describe ways of involving

parents in the childs education

Discuss with mentor different strategies

for involving parents in their childs
learning. Discuss ideas about parents
helping in the classroom, community
events and homework when required.

2. Know the content and how to

Apply knowledge of the teaching

and content areas to create
deeply engaging and relevant
learning opportunities for

While on prac discuss with mentor my

weaknesses in content knowledge and
ways of improving. In particular this
includes mathematics. My mentor
specialises in mathematics so I will
engage in his lessons to see his delivery
and then attempt to create my own.

Demonstrate understanding of
how to differentiate practice for
students with diverse linguistic
and cultural backgrounds with
varying abilities.

My mentor has worked as a teacher for

over 40 years in a large variety of schools
including country and low SES. I will
discuss with him any techniques and
practices that he has developed for
differentiation, and if he has any relevant
work samples. If students in my
classroom required differentiation of
strategies I will discuss them with him
before implementing them myself.

teach it
2.1: Content and teaching strategies
of the teaching area

1. Know students and how they

1.3: Students with diverse linguistic,
cultural, religious and
socioeconomic backgrounds
1.5: Differentiate teaching to meet
specific learning needs of
across the full range of abilities