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These ebooks were compiled from the free online edition of the Feynman Lectures

on Physics hosted by Caltech and editied by Michael A. Gottlieb.

I originally made this legal format-shift using a modified version of the
bi[1] script for my personal use, months ago.
After Mr. Gottlieb compared this downloading and format shifting process to "rap
ing" the HTML, and threatened to remove the online version, I felt it necessary
to take action.
Not to minimize Mr. Gottlieb's contributions, but Feynman's works deserve to be
free (libre), and this release will ensure that regardless of what Caltech or Go
ttlieb do.
If you enjoy, please consider purchasing a digital (PDF, or EPUB/MOBI when avail
able) edition from
A huge amount of work went into editing and restoring this digital edition. Plea
se send your thanks to Mr. Gottlieb and Rudolf Pfeiffer.