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Teacher Candidate Kathryn West

Date 3/23/15
School Winfield High School
Grade/Subject 9th Grade World History
Lesson Topic Islam Expands and Muslim Culture
Students will discuss the differences in Sunni and Shia Muslims
Students will discuss the role of women in Muslim culture
Students will identify Muslim accomplishments in Arts and Sciences
SS.9.H.CL4.2: Outline the origins and expansion of Islam and the changing role of women in the
modern world.
V.b: give examples of and explain groups and institutional influences such as religious beliefs,
laws, and peer pressure, on people, events, and elements of culture.
Overall Time 90 minute lesson
Time Frame 15 mins: CNN student news
5 mins: review section 1

50 mins: notes on chapter 2 and 3

15 mins: writing assignment
5 mins: close
-Teacher led discussion
-Independent writing
-Slowing down the speed of the notes and making pre-note worksheet for certain students
Introduction/ Lesson
-Short review of section 1, touching on important terms
-Give a sample of what is to come in the lesson
Body & Transitions
-Start section 2 and 3
-Give notes for each section and discuss as we go along
Closure Review
-Review sections and give out writing assignment directions

-Diagnostic: review of lesson 1 with asking questions to see what they remember to transition
into sections 2 and 3
-Formative: discussion during notes
-Summative: The students will choose a part from section 2 or 3 and write 2 paragraphs about
that part. The 1st paragraph is a summary of what they chose and the 2nd paragraph will be why
they chose that section and/or why they think it is important to history.
If Student Finishes Early: Play Map Wars to get ready for their map test
If Lesson Finishes Early: Students will start their writing assignment
If Technology Fails: no technology is being used
Before I started teaching lesson 1, I was very nervous. I taught 1st, 2nd, and 3rd blocks. I had made
a timeline for how long I was going to spend on each separate topic. They started by watching
CNN student news like they do every day and writing in their journals. When I actually started
teaching and going over notes, I lost track of time a little bit. When I was finished with the notes,
I realized I had more time left than I thought. They then did their writing assignment and they all

did what I had asked them to do. I walked around the class while they were writing to make sure
they were staying on task. Once they all finished they had about 12 minutes left so we played
map wars which is a game they play with Mr. Smith to learn their map of the world. Map wars
took us until about two minutes left and then I let them put up their books and pack up their stuff.
Once 1st block was over Mr. Smith wrote down some things for me to work on for the next two
classes. They were: slow down, walk around more, ask if they need more time for the notes, have
them write less, and let them know exactly what I want them to write. When 2nd block came, I
knew I would have to slow down because that is where I have my 14 inclusion students. I slowed
down and had them write less. I spelled words out on the board for them and made sure they had
enough time to write everything down. The more I was up there, the calmer I was getting. I got
through 2nd block with about three minutes to spare. After 2nd block I had lunch and got to reflect
some before 3rd block. Mr. Smith told me I did much better in 2nd block and felt I would do fine
in 3rd block. When 3rd block started, I was more at ease. This is a smaller class with only 15
students whereas 1st and 2nd blocks have 29 and 31. I didnt go as slow as I did with 2nd block but
I did go slower than I did with 1st block. I got through 3rd block with about 10 minutes left so we
did about seven minutes of map wars.
Once my day was over, I graded their writing assignments and they all did pretty well.
Some of them were short but most of the students whose writings were shorter, had IEPs that
said they could have shortened assignments. When I got home, I was able to reflect on my entire
day. I did realize I needed to slow down and take my time when I was giving out notes. He
wanted me to give less notes and for me that was a bit hard because I am a big note taker. I think
overall though, the day went really good and I did not pass out or cry, so I would call it