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1. MS to take forward the registration process. Will also sift through SA charity proposals and
present to team again next week.
2. JUMBLIST MASSIVE: AL to chase Dave and Urban Outfitters.
3. SH will speak to contact about getting CDs for JM couriered to us.
4. SH to look through past emails and see if we still have a central spreadsheet for retail
contact details (to request stock for JM). Will contact Nathalie if not and see if there is an
updated document/book we can borrow.
5. AL to look into switching to (see Discussion below).

1. AL to talk Sam and Mark through Wordpress registration. Ali to create a ‘Dummy’ guide to
2. AL & TT to complete design of blog and bring historical posts into line with new format.
Need to look for images to support historical posts and also need to refine the ‘Events’
3. SN to update ‘Our work’ page (holding copy until we receive content from PEAS) We can
migrate existing content for now to fill this page but SN to obtain up-to-date photos
and testimonials form PEAS.


4. We’ll take pictures at the meeting next week for the ‘About us’ section. Selina’s office may
not be available on Tuesday – may need to move meeting to Wednesday.
5. SS has pencilled in 22nd June with The Phoenix for next JM.
6. AL: We are currently using (which is free) but also not ideal as we can’t edit
HTML, which means we can’t upload plug-ins (paypal etc). We CAN do this with, but it costs £50 a year. It would be hugely beneficial for us to have the extra
control that would supply – it would look more professional, we would be able to
manage our own transactions (key to the virtual coins/click through deal working) and it
would make ‘pimping’ the blog much easier. We can also transfer all current data over to
the new site and retain URLs we have just set-up. All agree that £50 a year is a good
investment for this service. Motion Passed.

1. SH: We have started getting emails from Facebook about how much traffic is visiting our
page (about 400 people a day!). We need to look at making the page more interesting and
up-do-date etc. This should be easier now that blog, twitter and FB are all linked.



7. Ali suggested posting minutes online. There was some discussion about the best way to do
this. Did we reach a decision? Yes in theory – but not in the main body of the blog.
Create a link to external document. AL and TT to explore

Speed date

8. SS has emailed Sean at The Phoenix and we’re awaiting his response. Sean not convinced
30 people will be enough to warrant private hire of basement, but he is going to suggest
new venues for us. In the meantime SH to email ‘venue finding’ website and see if they
can help.

Next week’s agenda

9. Ongoing discussion about speed dating (will have hopefully confirmed a venue and can start
10. Taking photos/looking at content for ‘About Us’ page.
11. MS to present SA charity proposals.

Nominated blogger

12. TT