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Skyline Deerhurst Resort Inc., carrying on business as Deerhurst Resort

(hereinafter referred to as Resort)
-and(hereinafter referred to as Colleague)

Terms and Conditions

Unit/Room Description



The Colleague acknowledges that he/she is contracting for the rental of a room, which may be
shared with one other colleague of the same gender, in one of five townhouse units (hereinafter
referred to as the Unit) owned by Deerhurst Resort and known internally as Morguard. The
shared facilities of the Unit include, but are not limited to, washroom(s), kitchen, and living room
dining and laundry area. These shared areas are available for use by all colleagues resident in
the Unit.
The Colleague acknowledges that the Unit may be occupied by colleagues of both the male and
female gender. No occupation of any room by a colleague of opposite gender is permitted.
No sleeping in a room other than the room specifically assigned to the Colleague is permitted.
The Colleague recognizes that the Unit operates as a Communal Living Environment and as
such, the Colleague recognizes that understanding and tolerance is a mandatory requisite of
Term and Termination
The rental term for the occupation by the Colleague shall be from February 13, 2015 through
September 5, 2015 unless terminated as a result of, and in accordance with, the terms of this
rental agreement or with thirty (30) days written notice hand delivered to Colleague setting out
such desire to terminate.

The Colleague acknowledges and agrees that any breach of rules may result in an immediate
eviction notice, hence the termination of this agreement.
Should at any time during the term of this rental agreement the Colleague cease to be a
Colleague of the Resort, he/she will vacate the Unit by 5:00 pm on the day following such
termination/resignation/lay-off from employment.
Should the Colleague be evicted from the Morguard property, he/she is not permitted to return
to the property for any reason including social visits.
Rent and Damage Deposit
Rent is payable in the amount of $15.00 per day throughout the tenancy of the Colleague. Rent
will be collected by way of payroll deduction.
Should Deerhurst Resort require to increase the daily rental rate set out above, it will provide to
Colleague thirty (30) days written notice of its intention to do so and such written notice will also
detail the effective date of such increase.
The Colleague acknowledges the requirement of damage and cleaning deposit in the amount of
two hundred ---- ($200.00) ---- dollars, to be held by the Resort until a final inspection of the
Unit and the Colleagues room is conducted. It is understood that the term damage deposit is
not only read as for physical damage, which falls outside the bounds of normal wear and tear
but for required cleaning.
The Colleague acknowledges and agrees that upon his/her vacating the premises if the cost of
damage and/or cleaning to the Unit and the Colleagues room required as a result of the
Colleagues tenancy is in excess of the retained damage deposit, Deerhurst is authorized to be
deducted such amount from the last pay due the Colleague by the Resort.
The damage deposit is payable in 4 instalments of $50.00 each. The damage deposit instalments
will be collected by way of payroll deduction.
Removal of Resort Property
The Colleague is not permitted to remove property other than his/her own personal belongings
from the Unit or surrounding premises under any circumstances. The Colleague is not permitted
to borrow or remove any property belonging to the Resort.. Any Colleague in possession of
unauthorized hotel property will be immediately dismissed, subject to criminal charges and
immediately evicted from the Unit.
Property Damage
Damage to walls, doors, furniture, bedding or appliances are to be reported to the
Superintendent immediately. Any damage resulting from abuse or misuse by the Colleague or
his/her guests/visitors will be assessed and the cost of replacement and/or repair of such
damage will be deducted from the Colleagues next pay from the Resort. It is understood and
agreed that the monies due for damages incurred intermittently during the term of this
agreement will not be deducted from the damage deposit placed with the Resort.

The determination of costs of damage or cleaning will be made by, and at the sole discretion of,
the Resort.
Damage to common areas by any Colleague, his/her visitors/guests will be assessed and the
cost of replacement and/or repair of such damage will be deducted in equal shares for the next
ensuing pay from the Resort from each of the Colleagues resident in the Unit.
Rules and Regulations
On Duty Resort Personnel
At any time, on duty Resort personnel may attend Morguard. Such reasons for attending may
include, but not be limited to, repairs, deliveries, patrols, incident response and investigation,
grounds work, etc.
Internet equipment provided by the Resort is the property of the Resort and may not be
removed or deactivated without the express permission of the Superintendent.
Television and phone cables may not be extended, spit or routed to any room or other area of
the Unit.
All units are designated non-smoking. Smoking is permitted on the deck, or other outside areas,
as long as open windows or doors are avoided so as to not let the smoke flow into the unit.
Appropriate cigarette disposal methods must be used.
The consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted for those who are at least 19 years of age.
Should incidents of obvious intoxication result in disturbances to neighbouring units or tenants,
the Resort will investigate and take appropriate action.
Illegal drugs and substances are prohibited from the Unit, Morguard lands and/or any Colleague
room. Deerhurst has a zero-tolerance policy in this matter. Morguard is the property of
Deerhurst. Any drug use on the property of Deerhurst, whether the Resort-proper or its housing,
is cause for termination of employment and immediate eviction.
No pet of any nature or type is permitted within the Unit, Morguard lands and/or a Colleague
room. To clarify, no rodents, insects, birds, fish, animals or reptiles of any kind or nature, may be
kept within the Unit, a Colleague room or the Morguard lands.
The Colleague acknowledges and agrees that he/she is not permitted to lend out or duplicate
his/her Unit/room key without the express permission of the Resort.
The Colleague
acknowledges that he/she is required to return all keys to the Resort upon completion of the
term of this agreement or his/her quitting of the Unit or whichever is earlier. If assigned keys are

not returned, the Colleague acknowledges and agrees that he/she will forfeit his/her damage
deposit to the Resort to fund the cost of re-keying the locks.
Guests are permitted at Morguard only during the hours of 12:00pm 12:00am (Midnight).
Tenants are responsible for the conduct of their guests and the cost of any damage caused by
their guests. Overnight guests are strictly prohibited in the common areas of the Unit.
The Colleague acknowledges that it is expressly forbidden for him/her to have a guest in his/her
room for any reason at any time. Visitors are expressly restricted to the common areas within
the Colleague unit and the grounds and only while the Colleague being visited is in attendance
with them in the Unit/on the grounds.
Evicted Tenants
Should a Colleague be evicted from the Morguard property, then that Colleague can no longer
enter onto the Morguard lands. Any Morguard tenant who brings an evicted Colleague /tenant
onto the property is in direct contravention of the rules and regulations and would therefore be
subject to eviction him or herself.
The Colleague acknowledges the requirement of the Resort that he/she be reasonably quiet
while occupying the Unit and agrees to ensure the volume of radios, televisions, stereos and the
like will be kept at a moderate level so as not to disturb others. No noise is permitted during
the hours of 10:00 pm to 10:00 am.
It is understood and agreed by the Colleague that the Resort will not tolerate the making of any
noise at any time by the Colleague that results in the disturbance of a Resort guest (which
includes golfers on the Highlands Golf Course). Noise that disturbs a Resort guest is strictly
forbidden and may result in the eviction of the Colleague.
It is understood that the Colleague and his/her visitors/guests are expected to act in accordance
with the standards and the code of conduct set by the Resort.. Any Colleague whose actions are
unbecoming to such standards will be required, at the sole option of the Resort, to vacate the
Unit immediately. This can also result in termination of employment. Such instances can include,
but is not limited to, excessive intoxication, violence, harassment, theft and weapons.
Security & Safety
The Resort herein advises that the Colleague should keep all doors locked at all times.
The Resort assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen articles.
The use of barbecues is strictly prohibited.

Insurance coverage for personal property should be arranged by your insurer. The building and
Resort owned contents are insured by the Resort.
The Colleague herein agrees that he/she will not look to the Resort for restitution of any
damages, theft or claims made to or against his/her personal property, including those caused
by utility disruption, during the term of this agreement.
No tampering of the mechanical and electrical fixtures within the Unit is permitted. Under no
circumstances may you remove the batteries from any smoke detector!
Laundry Facilities
A washer and dryer is available in the Unit for use by all Colleagues occupying the Unit. Clothes
may not be left in the machines. The dryers must be kept free of lint so as not to create a
If a washer/dryer requires repair, the Superintendent may direct tenants in the affected Unit to
use another washer/dryer in a nearby unit until repairs can be made. The Resort will make every
effort to have repairs made on a timely basis.
Should the Resort, at its sole discretion, determine that the cost of utilities and repairs to the
washer/dryer be prohibitive, the Resort may remove the washer/dryer from the Unit with 72
hours notice to the Colleague and install a coin operated system.
Authorization and Direction
The Colleague hereby authorizes and directs the Resort to make the following payroll
1. The sum of two hundred----($200.00)dollars in satisfaction of the requirement of an
advance damage deposit (as per 4 separate $50.00 deductions from bi-weekly payroll).
2. The sum of fifteen ---- ($15.00)dollars per day, payable by payroll deduction.
The sum required to make restitution of damages within the room and a proportional share of
any cost for damage to the Unit common areas in excess of the damage deposit previously
placed with the Resort.
Morguard Residence Management
Your Morguard housing lead will be able to assist you with general inquiries and assistance. If
you would like to speak to Human Resources at any time for specific or confidential matters
please call 705-789-7113 ext 4236, or e-mail
I, _____________________________, authorize Deerhurst Resort to make the above noted deductions
from my pay cheque for rent, damage deposit, damage or cleaning.

DATED at the Town of Huntsville this

day of


, 2015.