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Unit 2- History of Europe- Study Guide

1. What were the


causes of WWI?

2. What was the spark that started WWI?

The assassination of ArchdukeFranz Ferdinand
3. Describe the worldwide depression. How did this effect Germans?
A time where business is bad and people lose their jobs, countries were VERY POOR.
German people had little/no hope at this time, so the Nazi Political Party rose to power in
4. Complete the chart below concerning the Treaty of Versailles:

What that means

League of Nations

This organization of nations would cooperate to keep



Lost their colonies

Lost 10% of their Land

Germany lost land to France, Poland, Belgium, and

Denmark. An area of Germany was even separated from
the mainland.


100,000 men
Navy- 6 battleships
NO new subs, tanks, planes

Germany had to pay $33 Billion to the Allies

because their homes, farms, and cities were
heavily damaged during the war.

5. How did the Treaty of Versailles make the German people feel?
embarrassed, hopeless, angry, Felt there was little hope.- Not fair- humiliated
6. What were the causes of the Russian Revolution?
Russian people were suffering food shortages & poor working conditions so they were angry and
started to rebel/fight
7. The Russian Revolution had what effect on World War I?

It took Russia out of the war.

8. What was the result of the Russian Revolution?
Russias monarch government was overthrown. They murdered the Czar Nicholas II
and became a communist country under Vladmir Lenin
9. Describe the Holocaust.
Systematic murder of over 6 million Jews by the Nazis
10. Adolf Hitler was the leader of what political party?
11. How was Hitler able to get Germans to believe in him?
People were desperate and promised them JOBS and a better future- he gave them
HOPE.By using propaganda, promising to seize Germanys lost land & not following the
conditions of the Treaty of Versailles.
12. Which war involved money and propaganda rather than fighting and increased tensions
between countries with the threat of nuclear weapons?
The Cold War
13. Define superpower and identify which two were involved in the Cold War.
Superpower- have worldwide influence
The United States & Soviet Union countries other nations looked to for assistance
because they were large, had more money & were able to provide protection.
14. The Cold War was cold because
Countries built up nuclear weapons & tried to get ahead in technology & space. There
was no real fighting.
15. What was the US worried that the Soviet Union would do?
Spread communism throughout the world and nuclear war
16. What happened to East and West Germany when the Berlin Wall fell?
They were reunited (no more communism). Marks of the end of the Cold War.
17. Identify Mikhail Gorbechev and explain how he changed the Soviet Union.
He was the head of USSR (Soviet Union). He reduced government control of business
and increased the freedoms for all citizens.
18. What caused the fall of the Soviet Union?
The reunification of Germany the Soviet republics began seeking their independence
many countries were created; Russia was the largest.

**Be able to DEFINE and EXPLAIN why these terms are important
1. Reparations
3.Berlin Wall
THEN, choose 3 additional terms from the list below and define AND explain the
Anti- Semitism
Trench Warfare
League of
Worldwide Depression

Iron Curtain


Czar Nicholas II

Adolf Hitler

Bloody Sunday




Remember: Treaty of Versailles

B Germany except blame for war

L Germany must give up parts of it land to nearby countries
A Germany must reduce its army
M Germany must pay huge sums of money to Allied Powers
E Germany must give up its empires in Africa