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America Future: Carson, the Next America

1 America will be more Conservatively Managed, Homo and gays, abortion,
Transgender, bestiality and other perversions will have to flee.
2 Sanity will return to Americas Health Care System.
3 The Bible will return back to the Public Schools and the Ten Commandments
will be exalted.
4 The Sabbath and the Lords Day will be mandated, no more marketing on
Saturday and Sunday.
5 No More welfare, no more affirmative actions, Carson believe firmly in the
virtue of Honest Hard work and not on dependency on the Government.
6 More stronger focus on Education, Science and Technology, Carson prefers
Intellectualism to Sport.
7 Alien Culture, Islam and other damaging Ideologies will be kept strictly to their
Originating Country.
8 America will continue to be Number one, Multiethnic, progressive and peaceful
under God.
9 Americas Public debt will be become zero, wasteful profligate e spending on
Wars and capricious foreign policy will be curtailed
10, America will be more free, more competitive, more what a Nation should be,
serving the Interest of the American people, and not the interest of the greedy
Multinational companies and self serving lobby groups.

(c) Theop Ayodele