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8 Music Theatre Workshop

Production Number Goal Sheet

Make a copy of this document, add your name to the
file name, and SAVE to your music folder. You will turn
this in as a part of your project and performance.
Highlight your class:





What are you going to accomplish? Be specific.

We are going to choreograph and perform Impossible from Cinderella.
We plan to have our dance moves correlate with the lyrics we are
memorizing and singing. We will project when singing a cappella. We
plan to block our choreography in different positions so we make the
number more interesting. Our objective is to use teamwork and creative
thinking to perform a solid number with our own motivation to practice
the dance moves and be off-book for the lyrics.
How will you know you are ready to perform?
We will know once our choreography is solidified and we arent
struggling to figure out the next phrases in our lyrics. We need a full
energy tank ready and laser-beams shooting out of our arms:). We
need to all be singing on the same pitch in unison so there arent any
notes that sound out of tune.
What are the challenges you will face in meeting your goal?
Our big challenge was coming up with dance moves that everyone
agreed on. We were stuck on some parts that put our agenda on hold, so
we decided to take a break and think of something unexpectedly. Also, a
difficulty for some of us was mustering the courage to perform in front
of our class because of the judgements that could be received by
What skills, concepts, and vocabulary will you apply in working towards
your performance?

We will apply teamwork and listening to others ideas. We will insert all
of our prior knowledge on tips that help us memorize lyrics and
choreography. We will stop marking dances and go full out with care
about what we are talking about when singing.

What elements of this experience are transferrable to the real world?

Working with others, compromising and listening to others input to
further enhance any work. Being a leader and taking certain portions of
the job to take action on and being a part of a group to as a whole look
well-rehearsed and enjoyable.
What is your timeline to become performance-ready?
Day 1: Learning the lyrics to the first verse and coming up with a few
possible dance moves
Day 2: Memorized the first verse and almost accomplished half the
choreo to that verse.
Day 3: Finished the choreo to the first verse and began brainstorming for
the second verse.
Day 4: Choreographed all of the second verse with words memorized
because the lyrics are the same, just replacing impossible with its
Day 5: Solidifying choreo, energy and expressions when articulating
lyrics. We then performed!!!

After your performance:

The standard descriptions are at the left. For each
standard, self-assess YOUR individual progress and
achievements (4, 3, 2, 1), and give an explanation for
each score.
NCAS Standards

4 - exceed
3 - meet
2 - approaching
1 - emerging

Select, organize, and document musical ideas for
arrangements, songs, and compositions within
expanded forms that demonstrate tension and
release, unity and variety, balance, and convey
expressive intent.

3- We displayed expressive intent

when singing and dancing, and we
balanced the blocking with singing,
but we could have added more

Use standard and/or iconic notation and/or audio/
video recording to document personal rhythmic
phrases, melodic phrases, and harmonic

2- We made the phrases different

when singing it, but we could have
added some more embellishments
such as harmony and a

Describe the rationale for refining works by
explaining the choices, based on evaluation

4- We refined our work by

adjusting things that our entire
group was comfortable and
capable of doing. For example, if
there was a piece of choreography
that someone didnt feel right
doing, we would alter it and have
them come up with something

Cr 3.2.8
Present the final version of their documented
composition, song, or arrangement, using
craftsmanship and originality to demonstrate the
application of compositional techniques for
creating unity and variety, tension and release,
and balance to convey expressive intent.

3- We could have presented more

variety, but we were original and
creative with our work. We
demonstrated contrast with the
mood and showed unity during the

Pr 4.2.8.c
Identity how cultural and historical context inform
performances and result in different musical

3- This song is from the 1950s

featured in the musical Cinderella.

Pr. 5.1.8
Identify and apply personally-developed criteria
(such as demonstrating correct interpretation of
notation, technical skill of performers, originality,
emotional impact, variety, and interest) to
rehearse, refine, and determine when the music is
ready to perform.

3- We needed more emotion and

feeling within the words were were
singing. This would have helped us
know that we needed more time
before we were ready to perform.

Pr. 6.1.8.a
Perform the music with technical accuracy, stylistic
expression, and culturally authentic practices in
music to convey the creators intent.

3- We had great technical accuracy

with appropriate style in the
choreo that fit the song, but we
could have possessed more

expression to correlate with the

flow of the dance.
Pr. 6.1.8.b
Demonstrate performance decorum (such as
stage presence, attire, and behavior) and
audience etiquette appropriate for venue, purpose,
context, and style.

4- We had a very positive attitude

about performing, and we were
very proper with our behavior
when performing this number. We
didnt laugh or take things out of
context with distractions.

Re. 9.1.8
Apply appropriate personally-developed criteria to
evaluate musical works or performances.

3- We could have identified the

structure of a song more to create
a better balance of unity and

Cn 10.1.8
Demonstrate how interests, knowledge, and skills
relate to personal choices and intent when
creating, performing, and responding to music.

4- We all connected with this song

in different ways, yet it brought us
closer to responding to the music
when performing by creating a
number that showed our skills in
choreographing and singing with
the correct rhythms to make our
number more believable.