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Follow along with the PowerPoint and fill in the best answer.
This will count as a Cornell notes and is due on Monday.

Definition: When someone gets _________ off of the labor of
1. Plantation owners needed a lot of __________ to farm cash crops
such as tobacco and cotton.
2. If the south was its own nation, it would have been the
___________ wealthiest in the world.
3. Built a third of the countrys _______________.
4. Slaves lost $____________ in wages.
5. At a minimum, slaves descendants would have $_______________
6. Slaves were bought and sold for ____________.
7. Our __________ was built on slavery.
8. Name (a) one way people are exploited today and (b) what
group is exploited:
a. __________________
b. __________________

Moral Oppression
Definition: Uses moral or social reasons to
______________________________ people from society.
1. ___________ was invented as a way to keep blacks from having
any power and to keep poor whites from allying with blacks.

2. Slave-owners used ____________ as a moral justification for

3. Blacks were not viewed as humans they were __________ that
could be bought and sold.
4. Breaking up slave __________ showed that whites did not see
blacks as human. They were an other.
5. Name (a) one way people are morally oppressed today and (b)
what group it happens to:
a. __________________
b. __________________

Cultural Oppression
Definition: When people are forced to adopt the culture of
another in order to be accepted by ____________.
1. ____________ was used as a tool by slave-owners to instill
discipline and distract slaves from their problems.
2. Religious meetings had to be ____________ by whites because
they became a source of inspiration and resistance.
3. Having language, religion, and even your own name can create
a sense of ____________ in a people. These were stolen from
4. Name (a) one way people are culturally oppressed today and (b)
what group it happens to:
a. __________________
b. __________________

Violent Oppression
Definition: To use physical __________, pain, and fear to force
people to do something.

1. Blacks made up ____% of the Southern population by 1860

which made them afraid of slave revolts.
2. ______________ was ONE way that slave-owners maintained
3. Resistance was often met with ___________.
4. Violence was used to keep slaves from being friendly to poor
5. Name (a) one way people are violently oppressed today and (b)
what group it happens to:
a. __________________
b. __________________

Political Oppression
Definition: To take away peoples voice or ____________.
1. Political organization was ______________ to keep slaves from
planning revolts, and to keep slaves and poor whites separated.
2. Right to vote, hold office and sitting on a jury were outlawed
because in some states blacks outnumbered ____________
3. __________ codes were legal restrictions that kept slaves from
having many rights that whites had.
4. Education was outlawed because it can help people understand
their situation and come up with ___________.
5. Some slaves were oppressed in their minds and some may not
have even ____________ that they were being treated unjustly.
6. Name (a) one way people are Politically oppressed today and (b)
what group it happens:
a. __________________
b. __________________