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CHAZZAN: Shmulik Weiss PAGE ANNOUNCER: Yosef Hakimi

GABAI: Menny Hecht KIDDUSH CO : Bar Mitzvah crew & Jr. Crew
GELILAH: Bezalel Slodowicz PESICHA: Meir Leibowicz

VOL. 4. # 19

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Were now starting a new point count towards a grand trip!

The Latest News From Our Shul

Shul Update:
This week we are doing our 2nd Friday Night Davening, and boy are we
excited! Also, we now are beginning the new point count, so check to
make sure that your name is in the right group and lets see which
group can earn the most points to earn something special! We also
want to thank Pizza Station for providing us with the delicious Pizza
again this year at the Motzei Shabbos Learning program, hope to see
you all there! Congratulations to last weeks winners- this week were
raffling off the Juke-Box Hakel Machine cant wait to see who wins!

Shabbos Message:
Were in a new month, a great month, a month of bright light and
happy holidays. BH, from Rosh Chodesh Kislev celebrating the Rebbe is
gezunt to Yud Tes Kislev, the Rosh Hashona of Chassidus, to
Chanukah, we really have a packed month. But what can we people
add to a month already packed with so much simcha? The answer to
that lies within this weeks Parsha. As we know, Yitzchok Avinu had
two sons, Yaakov and Eisav. The two brothers couldnt be more
different. While Eisav like to hunt and be wild, Yaakov loved to Daven
and learn Torah. It seems like although Eisav knew about the
greatness his family and his faith had to offer, he just wasnt
interested. Hed rather be off doing his own thing and leave the Jewish
stuff to someone else. Thats where we see Yaakov knew better. He
didnt just want to know about the Mitzvohs or hear stories and leave
it to his father, he wanted to do it himself! So off he went to learn all
about it, so that he could follow in the ways of his father Yitzchok and
grandfather Avrohom. Now with that said, we can take a lesson to be
like our great-grand father Yaakov Avinu. Dont be happy knowing that
this month is already full with Yomim Tovim and leave it for someone
else No Way- its yours to do, so lets make this month shine!

Have a great Shabbos and keep on shinning ,



4TH / 5th
Ruvi Dorn
Yossi Dorn
Yisrolik Levin
Betzalel Slodowicz
Moshe Weiss
Levik Cunin
Shlomo Dahan
Yitzi Miretski
Shmulik Weiss
Levi Cohen
Menachem Hakimi

Jr. Counselors

Rabbi Zalmy Hecht and the Kol Avrohom Team

So small is it even real at all?
I wanted to convince my Father
I kept Mitzvos after all.
Do you know who I am and what I said?

Jr. Minyanairs !
Mendel Bressman
Levi Bressman
Shloime Caplan
Shmuel Elimelech Cohen
Oriel Gaines
Menny Hecht
Sholom Dovber Hakimi
2nd /3rd
Sholom Gottleib
Yoni Meretzky
Shneur Z. Weiss
Yosef M. Wagshul
Mooki Glicken
Meir Leibowicz
Yosef Hakimi

Find the answer and tell your counselor- dont keep it in your head!

Yashir Koach to Reuvi Dorn on getting last weeks riddle correct!

Yossi Gottleib
Menachem Garbose
Levi Levin
Schneur Friedman
Only till......get ready!!!

Mind your manners!

In Parshas Toldos, we read about Yaakov who respects people and Esav
who lies and steals. The Torah calls
civilized behavior "Derech Eretz." It's
Here are examples of Derech Eretz :
something we should show everyone!
A person should always use proper

Speaking softly
Sharing others' burdens
Comforting people if they are upset
Honoring others
Not being haughty
Not passing judgment quickly
Welcoming others with a smile
Be sensitive to the feelings of other

Cleanliness promotes holiness!

Rabbi Riddle's Kwazy Kwestions:
Q. Our sages say that a person is called by three names.
Your parents give you one. Your friends give you a
second. Who gives you the third?

A. Strangers who see the way you act!


Zaidies, Uncles, Fathers , Brothers and Sisters are invited to join us for:
Weekly Motzei Shabbos family learning!
Pizza melava malka !
Stories & weekly raffle!

This weeks raffle is for the Jewish Jukebox! See you all there!

7:00- 8:15