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• 11, Arent Fox



TO: Robert J. Waters

Allison W. Shuren

FROM: HowardJ. Young

RE: Contracts

DATE: April 25, 2002

Listed below are questions and comments with respect to certain paragraphs in the attached e- contracts.

Patient Responsibility Statement:

Paragraph 3: Is this necessary, what purpose does this serve?

Paragraph 4: e-scripts may not want to contact the same local doctor. Do you agree? This
paragraph is also redundant with Paragraph II.

Paragraph 6: Bob - Should we note that the information on the e-scripts website was
developed by licensed physicians?

Paragraph 9: Reference to "the clinic." What clinic?

Paragraph 13: I would delete this paragraph altogether. Paragraph 6 requires them to review
risks and contraindications. Would self-monitoring blood pressure realistic?
Consider limiting reference to blood pressure monitoring to specified
medications only.

Consider additional paragraph attached to Patient Responsibility Statement.

Paragraph 14: This is redundant with new paragraph 19 and I believe unnecessary.

Informed Consent Waiver Form:

Should we advise changing the name ofthe "Medical History Questionnaire" to "Medical History
and Physical Condition Questionnaire?"

Paragraph 3: Are there any "out of country" customers?

Paragraph 11: Should reference to "agent" be deleted? It could be argued either way.

Paragraph 17: I question whether we should include this paragraph.

.11, Arent Fox

Paragraph 24: This paragraph triggers 42 CFR Part 2. Do they need drug and alcohol
Paragraph 25: I would consider deleting this provision.