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April 17, 2015
Contact: Garrett Hanneken

Award-Winning Architect Shows the Benefits of an

Environmentally Friendly Future for Schools in Mexico
A green environment not only saves money, but it can provide a better education and
setting for students in Mexico.
Gaylaird Christopher, member of the American Institute of Architects, is an awardwinning architect who plans on providing a green environment for the students of Mexico.
Christopher spoke at the Eighth International Congress on the Development of Physical
Infrastructure in Education held April 10-12 at the Holiday Inn in Durango, Mexico. Christopher
stressed that a comfortable environment encourages students to do their best.
Insituto Nacional de la Infrastructura Fisicia Educativa, a forum with the purpose of
innovating in the areas of educational spaces and installation, sponsored the event. The
conference is held annually, featuring a commercial exhibit of products and services in
construction, new materials, furniture, innovative systems, social participation in physical
educational infrastructure, and quality learning environments.
Christopher, principal architect and president of Architecture for Education Inc., of
Pasadena, Calif., was a keynote speaker at the conference while on the panel of Space-Related
Designs, New Materials, Equipment and Construction Processes. His speech was The Impact
of Green Initiatives on Student Learning: Non-Financial Reasons for Going Green.
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Award-Winning Architect
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Going green yields substantial financial benefits, but in the educational environment, a
sustainable philosophy impacts students, teachers and the community at multiple levels,
Christopher said. Teenagers who typically would not consider turning off a light switch have a
newly found passion for saving the world. They have an innate respect for the environment: the
air we breathe, the water we drink and the animals and plant life that share our planet.
Christopher promoted that green environments are not only aesthetically pleasing, but
they offer a leaning setting that supports educational activities. While thoughtful, careful design
in an endangered environment is very important.
As we designers and educators work with the developers of future planned communities,
together we can minimize environmental disruption by siting residential commercial and
institutional buildings in appropriate locations, leaving open spaces in areas which are
environmentally sensitive, Christopher said.
If the design of the learning environment helps students become better stewards of our
resources, that school fosters lifetimes of environmental success within our citizenry and
community. Those children . . . will make this world a better place for all, Christopher stated.
Under Christophers leadership, Architecture for Education Inc. in Pasadena focuses
exclusively on national educational facilities combining creativity, strategy, functionality, and
cost effectiveness.

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