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Strategic Plan 2016

Presented by J.M.M Public Relations Firm

Julia Lange
Madeline Kolder
Mikyla Moya
October 2015

Table of Contents

Executive Summary...3
1.0 Organization Background.4
1.1 Business definition...4
1.2 Vision...4
1.3 Mission.4
1.4 Value Proposition.4
1.5 Organization Structure..5
1.6 History and Culture..6
2.0 Situation Analysis7
2.1 Definition and Scope of Situation7
2.2 Stakeholders Affected..7
2.3 Competition..8
2.4 SWOT Analysis....8
2.5 Market Position.9
3.0 Plan.10
3.1 Objectives, Strategies and Tactics...10
3.2 Critical Success Factors..12
3.3 Key Performance Indicators....14
3.4 Budget & Resource Allocations..15
3.5 Timeline..15
3.6 Evaluation Method and Anticipated Results...16
4.0 Appendices......17
A. Revised Organizational Chart.17
B. Job Descriptions..18
C. Budget & Resource Allocations..19
D. Timeline...20

Executive Summary
Redlok Productions, Inc. is a fairly new full service production company located in
Schaumburg, Illinois that specializes in corporate and sporting events, as well as
concerts, audio and video production. The business has high potential to grow financially
and in visibility within the community. Since Redlok Productions has only been in
business since for eight years, it is still in a learning process.
The following plan is to help Redlok Productions in the next year, spanning from
December 2016 to January 2016. First, the business will be analyzed to review its values
and base operations thus far. Then, grown potential for the business will be discussed
along with potential problems hindering Redlok Productions success. A number of
objectives for the business along with many other details will be presented in the plan,
To spread awareness of Campus Beats to 10 high schools by the end of the
2016 calendar year.
To increase Redlok Productions Inc., website interaction to increase event
bookings by 30% by December 2016.
To increase the number of events hosted by Redlok by 30% by December 2016.
To create 2 new opportunities for Redlok employees to improve their job-related
skills by December 2016.
This plan will act as a guide to carry out for the 2016 calendar year. All employees
should be familiar with and utilize the plan for it to impact Redloks success. Agreement
with the plan outlined below after its acceptance will bring Redlok Productions, Inc. the
successful changes it seeks to prosper as a production company.

1.0 Organization Background

This section serves as a basis of knowledge about the core business of Redlok
Productions. It provides the necessary material to understand the situation analysis in
section 2.0 and the plan in section 3.0.


Business Definition

Redlok Productions, Inc. is a full-service production company that offers production on a

range of events, from small events to large-scale arena events. The business creates an
opportunity for other corporations and schools to let an outside company work on all of
the details that go into putting on a successful event. Redlok Productions provides the
opportunity for customers to focus on other important details during an event, such as
attendees, rather than worrying about minor details that Redlok handles.



Redlok Productions, Inc. strives to be the best-in-class full service event entertainment
and production company in Illinois.



Redlok Productions, Inc. provides our customers with a unique, personalized experience
through innovation, continuous improvement, acquisition and brand building while
keeping customer service a top priority.


Value Proposition

A value proposition is vital when analyzing the specific aspects of what makes Redlok
Productions, Inc. a unique and valuable organization. This is communicated through: (1)
a thesis statement explaining Redlok Productions, Inc. unique service and (2) proof
points, consisting of individual statements that support the thesis. The value proposition
is as follows:
Thesis: Redlok Productions, Inc. provides an efficient event service by being the onestop shop for all of its customers production needs.
Proof Points:
Redlok Productions, Inc. caters to individual customer needs by covering an array
of event types, from concerts, to sporting events and corporate events.
Redlok Productions, Inc. provides a variety of services to customers in order to
plan their event, from lighting and sound, video production, DJ services,
property/equipment, and special effects.
Redlok Productions, Inc. sets itself apart from similar event services in the area by
maintaining strong relations and the family-like atmosphere with its employees.


Organization Structure

Redlok Productions is a limited liability company (LLC), and its organizational structure
is comprised of one owner/president, five full-time employees, 10 part-time employees
and 50 seasonal employees (see chart below). Currently, all seasonal employees report to
the senior vice president and corporate counsel. The senior vice president and corporate
counsel have specified their responsibilities and each specific purpose in Redlok
Productions Inc. Below is a brief description of individual roles within the organization.

1.5.1 President/Owner (Robert D. Kolder)

The president of Redlok Productions oversees all aspects of the company. The president
evaluates and advises on the impact of long range planning, introduction of new
programs/strategies and regulatory action.

1.5.2 Senior Vice President/Corporate Counsel (Sheryl Callison)

The senior vice-president and corporate counsel is responsible for writing contracts,
contract negotiations, purchasing, banking matters, and also run the day to day operations
of American Recreational Cheerleading, one of the divisions of Redlok Productions, Inc.

1.5.3 Vice President and Vendor/Sponsor Services (Phil Stahnke)

The vice-president and vendor/sponsor service is responsible for the retail side of the
organization. This includes but not limited to Sports Management Company (SMC), The
Cheer Shoppe on site and online, Event Merchandise and Food Enterprise.

1.5.4 Account Manager (Nicole Lanius)

The account manager is responsible for helping the customer from start to finish. The
account manager helps the client in selecting garments, creating designs and logos,
scheduling event/services and conducting client follow-ups.

1.5.5 Production Manager and Crew Supervisor (Eric Bilinski)

The production manager and crew supervisor is responsible for hiring and supervising
seasonal and part-time crew employees, DJ services and miscellaneous warehouse and
light office duties.

1.5.6 Prop Production Manager (Tom McNally)

The prop production manager is responsible for prop construction, building construction
and other warehouse duties.

1.5.7 Seasonal/Part-Time Crew

Both seasonal and part-time crews are responsible for loading and unloading trucks as
well as the setup and teardown of events. Crew must be able to lift 50 pounds.


History and Culture

Redlok Productions Inc. has a strong belief that its employees are truly epic, with
each person serving a crucial role in its success. Its work environment is both creative
and dynamic. Its long term goals and short term strategies are guided by a set of core
values shared by each employee, which will lead towards its goal of continual growth.
Robert Kolder established Redlok Productions in 2008. He saw a need that was
not being met. Robert Kolder hired Sheryl Callison in 2006 as the senior vice-president
and corporate counsel. They formed the Illinois Recreational Cheerleading Association
(IRCA) and began reaching out to recreational cheerleading organizations throughout the
state of Illinois. In 2007, the IRCA had three member agencies and today (2015) there are
over 100 organizations, representing approximately 18,000 athletes. Additionally, the
IRCA provides members with resources to educate, promote safety, and enhance the
fundamentals of cheer and dance in a fun, safe, and educational format based on the
participants age and experience.
Although the IRCA was growing rapidly, Robert was still not satisfied. He
wanted more involvement with the production aspect of the competitions. Before his
involvement, cheerleading events were expensive, long, and unorganized. He wanted
family members to enjoy watching their athletes perform in a fun, safe, and affordable
In 2008, Robert Kolder opened the doors to Spirit Spectacular Productions. The
first cheerleading and dance competition organized by Spirit Spectacular Productions
created a new standard of cheerleading and pushed Robert and Sheryl to continue

revolutionizing the sport and the events associated with it. By 2010, Robert Kolder and
Sheryl Callison were ready to expand even farther. Robert employed Phil Stahnke as the
vice-president of vendor/sponsor services. The name changed from Spirit Spectacular
Productions to Redlok Productions in order to appeal to a wider range of clients. Redlok
Productions transitioned into various other markets of production such as managing
large-scale sporting events outside of cheerleading, concerts, corporate events, weddings,
prop production, music and lighting, staging, clothing and much more.
At Redlok Productions Inc., customer service is most important, followed by the
treatment of all employees. This is the foundation of its success. Redlok Productions has
a "Disney" philosophy, meaning the company is continually striving to ensure guests the
best possible experience, with a high focus on attention to detail.
The continual success of Redlok Productions Inc., relies heavily of its attention to
detail. From props/decorations at themed events, to the way Redlok Productions,
packages clothing shipments to its customer, Redlok strives to make each customer feel

2.0 Situation Analysis

Being a new business, Redlok Productions has room for growth and improvement. This
next section provides an analysis of Redlok Productions by defining the company and the
scope of the situation, discussing the stakeholders affected, potential competition, and
finally presenting an analysis of Redlok Productions strengths, weaknesses, opportunities
and threats (SWOT) for being a successful business.

2.1 Definition & Scope of Situation

Redlok Productions is a well-known production company in its community. The
company is prominent within the recreational cheerleading industry, limiting its
involvement with other aspects of production services. Expanding awareness of other
Redloks services is vital to the companys overall growth.

2.2 Stakeholders Affected

Although Redlok Productions is a fairly new business, it has many stakeholders who are
affected by its success or failure. Internally, owner Robert Kolder is the primary source of
financial backing for Redlok Productions. If business declined, the business could fail
without the financial support from him as the owner. The remainder of the employees
would be affected if business declined, causing potential cuts in wages and job positions.
Externally, Redloks success depends a lot on their clients to continue as a production
company. The business also relies on local high schools and sports associations. If Super
CDA, a cheerleading association, were to stop using Redlok as their main production
company, Redloks business would be severely affected.

2.3 Competition
As of now, there are a few organizations in the Chicago land area that Redlok
Productions competes with. Competition is categorized as very strong, strong, and

weak. Very strong competition is considered a serious threat to Redlok Productions

because that company offers similar services in the same area. A company that offers
similar services but their products are not up to par with those of Redloks would be
considered strong competitors, and pose less of threat. Weak competition does not pose
much of a threat to Redlok Productions because the business and services are not as
valued to the customers because of Redloks niche in the business, attention to detail, and
professionalism. Needless to say, weak competitors can turn into strong competitors if
they are not monitored and overlooked.
Boom Entertainment is an organization that offers: event planning, entertainment,
design, and production services. Boom Entertainment is a very strong competitor
because they offer a lot of similar services and products as Redlok Productions
and they have the potential to draw customers away from Redlok Productions.
What sets Redlok Productions apart is the fact that it offers clothing, sporting, and
prop productions.
Weak competitors include Champion Spirit Group, Nations Choice and Dance
Fest. These companies produce cheer/dance mixes and voiceovers, as well as host
cheerleading events.

2.4 SWOT Analysis

This section is in-depth analysis of Redlok Productions Inc. Included within the chart are
the organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). The purpose
of this chart is to identify categories of advantage, disadvantage, growth and limitations





Possible actions

Superior attention to

-Builds the reputation of

-Demonstrates care and
devotion to all aspects of
production needs.

Continue to motivate staff and

build strong relationships. Happy
employees work harder and are
more dedicated to the company;
creating pride in the work that
they do.

Cater to clients
specific needs,
making each
experience unique.

-Allow customers to have a

say in all aspects of their
production needs.
-Improve company

Continue to provide superior

customer care and unique
experiences with customers.

High employee

-Strong Organizational
-Positive working

-Continue to monitor employee

output and make necessary
-Continue to promote a fun,
dynamic atmosphere.

Lack of
between employees.

Using more resources on

fixing miscommunications
and issues that arise as a

Increase number of staff

meetings to stay on the same

No plan or execution

Fewer acknowledgements

Build a stronger social media



for social media and


meaning lower attendance at


presence and improve website

design to connect with a larger
audience and strengthen

Work with High

Schools to expand
Campus Beats

Increase awareness of a new

specialized division of
Redlok Productions Inc.

Higher an employee to better

manage social media, and expand
awareness/ communication of
Campus Beats

Contact local

Potentially delay response to

existing clients, but it will
expand client base for Redlok
Productions Inc.

Hire an employee to better

manage social media; expand
awareness/ communication with
nearby businesses.

Other Local

Potential customers may

choose another production
company over Redlok
Productions Inc.,

Develop a strong plan to get

customers interested in Redlok
Productions Inc., by increasing
social media presence.

2.5 Market Position

Although Redlok is not the first or only established production company in its area, there
are a lot of things that separate Redlok from its competitors. The first reason is that
Redlok Productions is the only production company that offers a one-stop shop for all
of a customers production needs. Once a customer uses Redlok, there is no need to go
out and search for any other vendors to make an event successful. Redlok does it all,
which makes it unique in that area. The second reason is its family-like atmosphere.
Redlok strives to make the customers experience very easy, laid-back, and enjoyable.
Redloks undivided attention to its customers keep the relationships very strong and
allows them to be the leader in customer service.

3.0 Plan
This section presents all of the details and actions that need to be taken in this plan for
Redlok Productions for the next calendar/fiscal year (January 1 to December 31,2016).
The section is related to the organizational background and situational analysis. Within
this section, we discuss the steps that are necessary in order to achieve or obtain the
objectives that Redlok would like to reach. This plan is divided into multiple sections
including objectives, strategies, and tactics; critical success factors; key performance
indicators; budget and resource allocations; an implementation timeline; and the final
evaluation and anticipated results.

3.1 Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics

The table below lists the objectives, strategies, and tactics put into play in order to reach
the specific goals for this plan. Objectives are specific, measurable statements that must
be achieved in order to reach a goal. Strategies are a plan of action that is designed to
achieve a specific objective, they tell you how youre going to get there. Tactics are
specific actions required to deliver on a strategy. For every strategy, there are a number
of tactics.
1. To spread awareness of
Campus Beats to 10
high schools by the end
of the 2016 calendar year.
(Benchmark: Because
Redlok Productions has
not yet implemented
Campus Beats to any
surrounding high schools,
the benchmark is 0.)
(Goal/Rationale: This
objective was made under
the assumption that 10 is
a reasonable number due
to the fact that Campus
Beats has not yet been
implemented at any local
high school campuses
and that the goal is
realistic based on the
time commitment of

Social Media

Utilize a social media plan:
Designate members to a social media
Utilize social media platforms such as
Twitter and Facebook to spread
Send out company newsletter via email
to customer database with info regarding
Campus Beats

connections with
surrounding high


Send a Redlok Representative to high

Follow up with personal emails or phone
Offer unpaid internships to high school
students looking to gain sales experience
to help recruit potential customers in the

2. To increase Redlok
Productions Inc., website
interaction to increase
event bookings by 30%
by December 2016.

(Benchmark: Record
results based on the
increase of online traffic
to Redloks website and
compare with number of
new event bookings.)

Simplify website


Currently, Redloks
website is unorganized
and gives limited
information about what
the business really has to

3. To increase the number

of events hosted by
Redlok by 30% by
December 2016.


Purchase sponsored ads that cater to

prospective customers
Advertise website at events
Have staff promote website to
prospective customers through email,
word of mouth, or phone calls.

Send Redlok representative to potential

businesses to give information about
other events that they can and do host
Create an advertising team
Advertise not only the events, but the
services that Redlok has to offer in order
to make an event successful
DJ/provide services for free at local
business events


(Benchmark: In 2015,
Redlok hosted 55 events,
in order to reach 30%
more, Redlok would need
to host 73 events in
(Goal/Rationale: While
Redlok is well-known for
its hosting of
cheerleading events, the
demand for other events
is at a high level and that
the 30% goal is realistic
based on the timeline at

Online event booking system

Hire a tech team to post-event details
and opportunities to follow up on
Cleaner lines/easier to read


4. To create 2 new
opportunities for Redlok
employees to improve
their job-related skills by
December 2016.


Workshops and Leadership Training

Host skill-related workshops geared
toward the employees job
Retrain employees to make sure they
are satisfying all skill and other areas
of their jobs

(Benchmark: No
benchmark exists, and
this plan would establish
one for the future by
using customer surveys at
the end of events to
determine the skillfulness
of instructors and success
of the workshops
(Goal/Rationale: Redlok
has never held skill
related workshops for its

3.2 Critical Success Factors

The next table is divided into 4 categories of potential factors that could affect Redlok
Productions positively or negatively in regards to the objectives previously listed.

Opportunities include times where Redlok Productions can utilize its situation to
build its image and gain support from customers and employees.
Barriers discuss potential problems that could restrict Redlok from reaching its
goals. This includes situational, attitudinal, and environmental opposition to
Redlok Productions.
Environment includes external and internal factors that could potentially affect the
success of Redlok Productions plan.
Resources include the employees of Redlok Productions and additional materials
needed for its plan to be successful.


1. To spread
awareness of
Campus Beats
to 10 high schools
by the end of the
2016 calendar

To be able to network
with new people in
the area

To expand to new
areas that Redlok has
not yet reached

Spending time
on marketing
beats can
take away
from other

Build on already
between Redlok
and surrounding
high schools

Brings in more
revenue since it is an
additional service
2. To increase
interactions to
ncrease event
bookings by 30%
by December

3. To increase the
number of events
hosted by Redlok
by 30% by
December 2016.

allocation of

Faster, easier event


eventually run

Spreads knowledge to
customers about


Could attract a higher

number of potential

Limits the
amount of
time spent
other services
Redlok offers

recognition of
Redlok expanding
beyond the area

and efficiency
in event

customers and

will be needed
for the events

recognition of
Redlok in the area



4. To create 2 new
opportunities for
Redlok employees to
improve their jobrelated skills by
December 2016.

Increase employees
skills that are
important for their
Can attract more
customers with better
employee skills

High demand
to participate
in workshops
with no
opportunity to

Builds the
between Redlok
employees and
professionals in
specified fields


3.3 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPIs consist of measurements taken by Redlok Productions to ensure that they are on
track to reach their goals and objectives within the plan. In order to reach these goals,
each objective will list specific measurements that will be taken by the owner or
managerial staff periodically, and will then be compared to the benchmark listed within
the objective.

Objective 1: To spread awareness of Campus Beats to 10 high schools by the

end of the 2016 calendar year.
o Benchmark- 0, with an understanding that Redlok has not yet
implemented Campus Beats to any surrounding high schools.
o KPI- Knowledge of Campus Beats should be introduced to at least one
school per month, spanning from September 2016 to June 2016.
o Continue working individually with a high school each month and adjust
tactics if necessary.
Objective 2: To increase Redlok Productions Inc., website interactions to
increase event bookings by 30% by December 2016.
o Benchmark- Record results based on the increase of online traffic to
Redloks website and compare with number of event bookings.
o KPI- Website interaction should increase 2.5% every month over the 2016
fiscal/calendar year (January 2016 to December 2016).
o Calculate percentage of increase or decrease and adjust process if
Objective 3: To increase the number of events hosted by Redlok by 30% by
December 2016.
o Benchmark- In 2015, Redlok hosted 55 events, in order to reach 30%
more, Redlok would need to host 73 events in 2016.
o KPI- Redlok will need to host six events every month from January 2016
to December 2016.
o Number of events held should increase by 2.5% each month.
Objective 4: To create 2 new opportunities for Redlok employees to improve their
kob-related skills by December 2016.


Benchmark- Customer surveys at the end of events before and after a

workshop will be implemented and useful in determining the success of
the skill workshops.
KPI- Hold workshops and leadership trainings once every six months in
order to read a total of two opportunities.

3.4 Budget and Resource Allocations

Redlok Productions, Inc. is a fairly new business that required several large expenses
when it originally started producing events for other businesses, corporations, and sports
organizations. It is of utmost importance for Redlok to have the proper budget and
resource allocations in order to put the plan discussed in the previous subsections into
play and to ensure its success. The budget (See Appendix C) lists the expenses that are
necessary to fulfill the objectives discussed in section 3.1.
The budget offers opportunities while keeping Redlok Productions best interest in
mind. Redlok Productions has allocated $10,000 towards this business plan.
It is also important to keep in mind that expenses will increase as Redlok travels
to surrounding high schools, revamps its website, hires a tech and advertising team, and
offers skill-related workshops. For example, gaining high schools interest in campus
beats means that travel fees will increase, workshops will become a new expense
altogether, and the amount of events and event bookings will grow resulting which results
in a higher need in production quality. The workshops and leadership trainings will occur
once every six months, which will split the $2,500 for the two. The resources that are
currently being allocated allow Redlok Productions to operate at full capacity.

3.5 Timeline (starting with the proposals acceptance/approval)

In order execute this plan and ensure the success of Redlok Productions, a guideline of
when each of the suggested tactics should be implemented is necessary to visualize the
entire scope of the plan (See Appendix D for Full timeline). Every part regardless of the
objective it falls under, depends on the other for its success. For example, the website is
getting designed after a tech team is hired. In order to measure if increased website
interaction led to more event bookings, Redlok Productions would first need to hire a
tech team to design the website, then monitor web interaction, and then compare the
number of event bookings.
Many different tasks will take place throughout the remainder of the year.
However, September through June will be crucial. During this time span the
implementation of a social media team and a sales representative will be used to spread
awareness for Campus Beats, which is something Redlok has never done before, so
there is no benchmark to go off of only a goal to meet. The evaluation period will take
place in December so many tasks will take place during that month as well (see section
3.1). Other tactics that will be implemented throughout the year include creating an
advertising team to advertise both events and services Redlok Productions provides,
implementing community outreach, utilizing employee workshops, and leadership
training. By creating tasks and opportunities for employees these objectives will lead to
more efficiency within the organization.


3.6 Evaluation Method and Anticipated Results

To determine if the plan was successful, Redlok Productions must put their objectives
into motion. See section 3.5 for KPIs and benchmarks.
Objective 1 - To spread awareness of Campus Beats to 10 high schools by the
end of the 2016 calendar.
o If by the end of the year Redlok Productions was able to introduce
Campus Beats to one high school every month between September and
June, then the would meet the objective and thus be successful.
o If the plan fails to introduce Campus Beats to at least one high school
every month between September and June it was unsuccessful and Redlok
Productions must adjust their strategy for the following year.
Objective 2 - Increase Redlok Productions website interactions by 30% by
December 2016.
o If website interaction increases by 2.5% each month during the 2016
fiscal/calendar year (January 2016 to December 2016) then the plan will
be successful.
o If website interaction does not increase enough, plan for more adjustments
to the online booking system.
Objective 3 - To increase the number of events hosted by Redlok Productions by
30% by December 2016.
o The number of events held should increase 2.5% each month in order to
meet this objective.
o If Redlok Productions is unable to host six events every month between
January 2016 and December 2016, an analysis of what to do to expand is
necessary for Redlok Productions success.
Objective 4 - To create two new opportunities for Redlok employees to improve
their skills by December 2016.
o In order to meet this objective Redlok Productions must implement
workshops and leadership trainings once every six months to reach a total
of two opportunities.
o If two opportunities could not be carried out, adjustment to the strategies
and tactics is necessary for the following fiscal year.
Success for Redlok Productions is expected with the implementation of this plan. The
objectives provided should be easily carried out after the hiring and training of new and
existing employees. If key performance indicators begin to fail, adjustments to the plan
must be made before the end of December 2016 to ensure the success of Redlok


A. Revised Organizational Chart


B. Job Descriptions
New positions were created to give Redlok the opportunity to be successful within the
plan presented.
Public Relations Liaison- The public relations liaison, in cooperation with the
president, plans and directs public relation programs designed to create and maintain a
favorable public image for Redlok Productions. The PR liaison is also responsible for
creating marketing and promotional materials for both print and electronic mediums.
Tech Team- The tech team is responsible for developing a user-friendly database,
monitor record-keeping software, and help facilitate the most efficient means of
conducting regular business operations for Redlok Productions,


C. Budget and Resource Allocation spreadsheet


D. Timeline