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1. Ch.

2. Ch.1,

He suggests that as you grown and develop, you meet

challenges that, if resolved positively, enable you to
gather a positive personality trait tool for your
Citizen participation is critical for maintaining a
healthy and growing democracy.

3. Ch. 2,

Teachers who only offer up information and do no

help students make the connection to what they
already know cannot be sure that the information
becomes each students own.
4. Ch.2,
Typical uses of community resource persons include
having individuals who represent different career
areas report on what they do, serve as mentors, or
share specialized advice concerning selected topics.
5. Ch.3,
Arguably, one of the most important skills that
socially competent citizens in a democratic society
have is the ability to resolve conflicts in a nonviolent
and socially acceptable manner.
6. Ch.3,
Incorporating emerging current developments into
the existing curriculum can demonstrate the vitality of
social studies and how the past, present, and future are
7. Ch. 4, p. Use the exit card strategy and ask students to write a
question they would like answered that the lesson did
not address, or indicate some point of clarification that
needs to be provided.
8. Ch. 4, p. How is a teacher able to prepare her students for their
roles in a democratic society if application of
knowledge is not an important part of a democratic
9. Ch.5, p.

Keep in mind that computer programs and websites

It is important to have a tool box full of positive traits. I think

when a person is able to resolve a problem positively, they gain
the knowledge of how to solve a similar problem in the future.
It is extremely important to teach students about civil
responsibilities such as voting. A democracy relies on the
participation of its citizens.
I think it is important for teachers to help students make personal
connections to the material. The students are much more likely
to remember information if they establish some kind of personal
connection to it.
I think it is important for a teacher to use all the resources at
his/her disposal. I feel that students would like to hear personal
stories from a person who fought in WWII, for example.
It is important to teach students conflict resolution skills. By
teaching conflict resolution, the students may be able to
extinguish a problem before it escalates and gets out of hand.
A teacher should mix current events with the curriculum. I think
this would help the students become more engaged in social
studies because they can see the connection between the current
events and the content they are studying.
I like the idea of exit cards/slips, especially in middle school. A
student may fear being ridiculed if they ask need clarification on
something. Using an exit slip allows a student to ask the teacher
a question privately.
In the age of high stakes testing more and more teachers find
themselves teaching to the test. This includes drilling of basic
facts. With so much time devoted to preparing for testing, there
is not much time for students to apply their knowledge in realworld situations.
Simply having students regurgitate facts does not help them

10. Ch. 5,
p. 100-102

11. Ch. 6,
p, 109

make finding such things easy, so if instant recall isnt

a factor, limit your assignments that require
memorization of facts. Dont teach for spit-back.
Because many middle and secondary school students
dont enter your social studies classroom prepared
with the skills needed to participate fully in the
inquiry activities, it becomes the teachers
responsibility to scaffold students learning or to guide
students through the inquiry process.
It should be noted that your students, those digital
natives, are used to working solo.

12. Ch. 6,
p. 114

No group member had enough information to meet

the challenge along. Only through sharing and relying
on the others in the group could each member

13. Ch. 7,
p. 137

Historical fictions provides students a window into

the lives of individuals or different racial, ethnic, and
gender backgrounds.

14. Ch. 7,
p. 143

The act of producing the narrative provides a strong

active learning experience, in which the learner must
research the topic, actively construct meaning from
the primary documents available, craft a written story
that conveys understanding to others, and finally,
create a multimedia presentation that uses the
documents to accompany the narration in a visually
compelling manner.

learn. A teacher has to make sure students can apply their

knowledge to solve real-world problems. Doing so will prepare
the students to be productive members of society.
Many students progress through school without learning the
necessary problem solving skills. Some college students do not
have appropriate problem solving skills. Perhaps this is due to
teachers only teaching what is on the test and not having
students apply their knowledge to solve problems.
In this day and age, some students only communicate through
technology. They do not possess the appropriate interpersonal
skills because they do not actually talk to each other. They lack
the skills needed for proper face-to-face interactions.
This quote is referring to the Jigsaw Technique in which each
member of a group is given part of the information that will be
included on a test or quiz. The group has to work together and
rely on each other in order to succeed. I think this is a good way
to get students to work together because they have to rely on
each other to succeed.
Sometimes the textbook leaves out some of the little details that
historical fiction can bring to the forefront. For example, I never
learned who Clara Barton was and what she accomplished from
a textbook. However, if I had read The Magic Tree House book
Civil War on Sunday, I would have learned more about Clara
Historical narratives go way beyond the simple regurgitation of
basic facts. When writing these narratives, the students have to
employ higher-order thinking skills in order to produce a
desirable outcome.

15. Ch. 8,
p. 158

As students increasingly interact with others, most

begin to internalize the existence and significance of
alternative points of view.

It is important for students to develop respect for other peoples

points of view. In order to effectively participate in a democratic
society, students will need to be tolerant of points of view other
than their own.
16. Ch. 8, As Rogers reports from her synthesis, neglecting to
This quote refers to gifted students. A teacher has to find ways
p. 184
provide meaningful and regular challenge tends to
to challenge gifted students. If not, those students are going to
stunt outcomes on test and also increase school-related become frustrated and bored with school. They may find other
stress among this population.
ways to entertain themselves, including disrupting class.
17. Ch. 9, Google Earth is another powerful technology tool
Teachers could use Google Earth to demonstrate where students
that allows students to learn in a way impossible
live in relation to the rest of the world. The teacher could start
before the Internet.
out by zooming in on the school and then zooming out to show
where the school is located in the city, state, country, and so on.
18. Ch. 9, Despite the seemingly wide infiltration of technology A teacher has to be careful of what he/she assigns for homework
p. 204
into our schools and society, there is still a large
when technology is involved. Some students may only have
digital divide between those who have access to
access to computer and internet at school. If an assignment
computers and those who do not.
requires technology, the teacher may need to allow the students
time to work in class on the project.
19. Ch. 10, Although tests can aid the teacher in some aspects of Teachers can use paper and pencil tests too much. There may be
p. 210
evaluation, they are often inappropriate measures of
other, more effective ways to assess for understanding. More
what a student has learned.
schools are going to Problem based Learning because it allows
students to apply what they learn to solve real-world problems.
20.Ch. 10, Portfolios are intended to provide a holistic view of a Portfolios are a great way for students to showcase their work.
students capabilities in social studies.
The student and teacher are able to track student progress over
the course of a grading period or school year.