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Nest Watching

Madison Doenges

Objective: Students will understand how bird create nests, and create a life
inside of their nest. Students will understand the lifecycle of baby birds.

Materials: computers/iPads, internet access, binoculars, ladders/step stools,

paper, writing utensils, projector, outdoor access

Time: 30 Minutes a day for 3-4 days.

Grade: 3rd Grade

Introduction: Have students discuss in small groups what they think happens on
the inside of a birds nest. Explain why it might be important to have this
discussion. Take students outside and see if anyone can find a birds nest.

Build Knowledge: Take students to the computer lab and have them access the
NestWatch website. Have them take the training to become a certified nest
watcher. Also allow them to do some exploring of the website and learn more
about the art of nest watching.

Explore: Split students into groups and have them go outside and find an active
birds nest. Have students record observations. Allow this to continue over the
course of 3-4 days and have them record any changes or new observation.
Everyday have students return to the computer lab and add their observations to
their reports on the NestWatch website.

Share: After a few days allow students to share their online reports with their

Wrap Up: Explain what theyve learned about the life cycle of birds and what
their environments are like.