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Direct Instruction Lesson Plan Template

Grade Level/Subject: 3rd grade

Central Focus: How to grow and create theories about a
character using traits with just right words on a word
Essential Standard/Common Core Objective:

Describe characters in a story (e.g., their traits, motivations, or

feelings) and explain how their actions contribute to the
sequence of events

Date submitted:


Daily Lesson Objective:

Performance- Create their own Just Right word ladders with character traits about Anna in
Sarah Plain and tall. They must also write a sentence as to why their Just Right Word is the best
word to describe said character.
Conditions- Students will work on it independently.
Criteria- The student must create the best Just right word that they see fit as well as write a
sentence explaining why that word is correct to receive a passing grade.
21st Century Skills:
Academic Language Demand (Language Function and
Work Independently
Being able to watch from the
lesson and produce their own work Vocabulary: By thinking of descriptive words that are
to replicate what was done in the
appropriate higher thinking words to express a characters
lesson correctly.
Prior Knowledge:
Students will understand what they have read in Sarah Plain and Tall as well have read the first
book of Ruby and the Booker boys which was a class read from a few weeks prior. They will know
correct Just right words to explain characters.

1. Focus and Review

2. Statement of
for Student

Description of Activities and Setting

Today Im going to talk to you about our class book for the
week Sarah Plain and Tall, can anyone tell me something
about the book? students will raise hands and explain
characters they have met like Anna and Kaleb and their
relationship so far. Can anyone tell me something specific
about these two characters that we have met? Students will
tell you how Kaleb is always asking questions and Anna is a
great care taker of him when their dad is not around. Now
can anyone tell me what a just right word is and what our
word ladders are for? Students will say how the just right
words are descriptive words that are on a 3-5 and higher lever
and a word ladder is how we reach those words.
So today Im going to be talking to you about our characters
from this book as well as the book Ruby and the Booker Boys.
I need your help today because we are going to describe


those characters using Just Right Words on a word ladder.

3. Teacher Input

Teacher will begin by drawing a ladder first. Now lets start

off with a character we know very well from our Ruby books,
Ruby! For our small word for Ruby I think would be Nice do
you think that is a good word? Students will agree and
teacher will right Nice on the first step. now our next step, I
think a better word than nice to describe her would be Dive
because in the book she can be nice but she can put Ty in his
place when hes being kind of mean dont you think?
Students will agree and Diva will be put on the Next step.
And now we have reached our just right our 3-5 and beyond
word. I think the best word to describe her would be Bold or
even Confident because she is always putting herself out
there and saving the day. Students agree and word is put on
the top tier. Now boys and girls what can you tell me about
the difference in our small words and our Just right word?
Students will raise their hands and explain that small words
are words we may us in kindergarten that are very simple
where our Just right words


4. Guided Practice

The teacher will create a new Word Ladder and put Calebs
name at the top Now after see how I did Rubys just right
words I would like you your help with describing Caleb. Now
can someone tell me a small kindergarten word to describe
him? words such as loud, funny, or annoying may come up.
One of those words but annoying would be the best. Yes he
does seem to annoy Anna a lot with all of his questions so
lets put that down as out first word. Teacher puts that word
down on the word ladder. Now can someone tells as the next
step word that would be good for him? some students may
shout out different words but the word that you will look for is
young because he is a young child and they usually ask a lot
of questions. Help student out by talking about his age
difference from Anna and how it can be a big part of the
reason he does the things he does. I think young is a great

word to put next because he sure can be annoying but that

because he is a lot younger than Anna just like your younger
brother and sisters may ask you a ton of questions. Puts
word down on next step. Now lets find our just right word.
Since hes annoying but really because hes a younger brother
and they tend to act that way. What would be a just right word
for him since hes asking so many questions? students will
think of words and talk about words but one word that is one
of their vocabulary words will stick out, the word Inquisitive.
Awesome use of vocabulary! Inquisitive is the best word to
describe this little annoying brother who is always asking
questions. Awesome job you guys. Teacher puts final word at
the top.

Now we are going to take it a little farther but I will need you
to head back to your desks and pull out a post it note and a
pencil and I will explain what to do next.

5. Independent

6. Assessment
Methods of

7. Closure

The students will return to their desk and take out a post it
and a pencil and the teacher will explain. Now class I want
you to do your own word ladder for our Main character Anna. I
need you to find the words leading up to and the Just right
word to explain her. After you have found your word, you will
need to write a sentence explaining why that word is the just
right word for her.
Students will begin to work on their work and the teacher will
walk around and facilitate as needed.
Students with be assets on how they were able to complete the chart
clearly as well as their sentence being a word that would be appropriate
for a 3-5 word and that their sentence makes sense for the character
Annas actions as well as why that word pertains to her. Words such as
Generous and selfless are words that they have had in vocabulary each
week and would be great words to use.
Students will give the teacher their word post it notes for
grading and if they are done early they can do a character
from their book for book club so that they will have better

8. Assessment
Out of 20 students 17 met or exceeded the assessment with added
Results of
work. Out of those students who did not meet the assessment they will
need to work on specific reading skills as wells as correct use of
Targeted Students
Student/Small Group
Students who are visually or hearing
If students are having an issue with the assement
impaired could sit closer to the board to see that can be guided to have individual or guided
what is going on better and for better
practice with the concept in their book club group
understanding. Students who are ELL could
or on their own. They can record it in their readers
have the words in their native language to
notebook for teacher to check.
better help them understand
Sarah Plain and Tall
Ruby and The Booker Boys
Post it notes and pencils
Reflection on lesson: