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Paraprofessional Plan

October 23, 2015

Math Intervention Groups
When: 9:40 10:10

Setting and Materials

Where: In the back of Room 10 at the C-shaped table.

Lesson Objective 1:
Given a worksheet with 5 problems, a place value mat, and base 10 blocks,
Student B will solve 5 two-digit plus two-digit addition problems without regrouping
using the 5-step strategy with 100% accuracy.
Things Youll Need:
- Base ten blocks (tens sticks and ones cubes)
- Addition Place Value placemats
- Pencils
- Student worksheets
- Mastery measure for after instruction is given to assess student learning and

Lesson Opening (9:30 9:33)
Call student to attention: Good morning, today we are going to learn a fun way to
do math!

Behavior expectations: We know our behavior expectations, lets say it together:

No one has the right to interfere with others well being, learning or safety at any

Tell student todays plan and goal:

Second graders, today we are going to add two two-digit numbers without
regrouping using an addition placemat and base ten blocks

Lesson Body (9:33- 9:50)


First, you are going to watch me as I go through each step of

the strategy I am going to teach you.
The five step strategy that we are going to be learning today
1. Build the top number
2. Build the Bottom number
3. Add the ones place
4. Add the tens place
5. Write the answer
The first thing I am going to do is look at the problem I am
going to solve. (Points to problem on worksheet)


Student listen to

+ 21

Second I am going to do the first step of the strategy- Build

the top number
Next I am going to do the second step in the strategy- Build
the bottom number
Then I am going to do the third step- Add the ones place:
After that I am going to do the fourth step- Add the tens
place: 5+2= 7
Last I am going to do the fifth step- write the answer on my
worksheet- 7

(Pass out placemats and base ten blocks and practice worksheets)
Point to the next problem.
Begin to solve this problem using the five step strategy
(strategy on piece of paper for student to see)

CFU: Would you please show me how you solved the problem
to find the correct answer?

Good Job! Now you are going to do this for all 5 problems on
the worksheet

Points to next
Student get base
ten blocks and
follow example to
solve problem.
Student shows all
5 steps to solving
the first practice
Student solves all
5 problems using
the 5-step strategy

Repeat any steps for student clarification.

Evaluation (9:50 10:00)
Give the attached mastery measure to student. Fill out data collection form for each
mastery measure as they solve each problem using the 5-step strategy. Score results
and put results in the data table below.
Data Collection Table:
Record each mastery measure score for 3 consecutive days.
Graph this data on the graph provided.
Student B

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3