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- Africa region

- North America region

Religion Issues in North America The United

States has a diversity of religions. According to
the ?Pew Research Center,? Christianity in the
states is declining, while citizens who don?t
identify with religions are increasing. Christianity
remains to be the most popular religion through
the states, but other beliefs and religions are
rising like never before. Christianity rates are
dropping because people are either changing
their beliefs or switching religions.


The linguistic diversity in Africa is known to be a

common problem among its people. ?Estimates
range from as low as 800 to just over 2,000
languages spoken within the continent,? according
to the article, ?African Language Diversity.? Nigeria
alone is known to have 250 languages.
Having too many languages present among the
people in Africa can affect their means of
communication. It may be difficult for some to talk
to others because they may lack the ability to
speak the same language. There is really no way
language diversity could be stopped or
abandoned, but people could try to build a
common language known to communicate.

It is common now for younger citizens to grow up

without religious beliefs, rather than elders who
have lived with religion their entire lives. In the
central-eastern states, Protestant religion is the
most prominent, spreading north towards Canada.
Mixed Christianity is seen on the borders of the
protestant based states, as well as the west coast
above California.

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- South America region

Being the most urbanized region in the world,

Latin America is struggling to cope with its
sudden growth of people. According to the
article, ?Urbanization in Latin America,? ?In 1950,
40 percent of the region's population was urban,
but by 1990 it was up to 70 percent. Today, about
80 percent of the region's population lives in
cities.? Brazil is home to the largest cities in
America. Urbanization is the cause of many
problems such as, increased air pollution,
unemployment, poverty, water pollution, etc. In
order to put an end to problems caused by
urbanization, metros should be built, pollution
laws should be enforced, and the population must
be dispersed.


- European region

- Asia region

Europe?s economy is substantially struggling and

facing a large deficit. Michael Snyder, in the
article, ?The Economic and Financial Problems in
Europe are Only Just Beginning,? states ?The truth
is that it is already in terrible shape and much of
the continent is already mired in an ongoing
economic depression.? Greece has an

Human or ecological footprint is very common

in China. Ecological footprint is the measure of
the impact humans have on the environment.
China?s ?rapid industrialization, urban
development, and intensive agriculture have
increased pressure on the environment? (WWF
Global). In order to evidently reduce China?s
carbon footprint, resource-efficient production
is recommended, and there must be
sustainable consumption patterns in order to
decouple economic growth from resource

astonishingly high unemployment percentage of

25.6% . Also, the debt levels in all of Europe?s
nations have shot up substantially with a
staggering percentage of 177.1% for Greece.
Greece is unable to borrow any money from
anyone leading to a financial crisis. In order to
reduce this deficit problem in Europe, a banking
union should be established to strengthen the
financial system.

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