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Legally, Lovingly Yours


Dear Ate Lawyer,

Im writing to ask for some advice.

Dear Ate Lawyer,

My Latino lover fianc proposed to me last week,

and I accepted! However, Im worried that my past
will adversely affect my future.

My partner and I would like to get married in Buenos

Aires, Argentina after stumbling on the blog post of a
fellow Pinoy who got married there.

I was married for ten years to my childhood

sweetheart, a sweet young thing from my hometown
of Larena, Siquijor. We got married in the United
States sometime in 1994 where my husband worked
as a banker while I stayed at home to raise our

We have begun corresponding with this blogger and

she told us that the Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos
Aires or CABA, the capital of Argentina (not to be
confused with Buenos Aires province), has a local
law that allows foreign tourists to get married. The
law allows same sex marriage as well.

Ten years and two children later, we called it quits.

He filed for divorce and it was granted in 2006. It
was a no-contest divorce and my husband
relinquished custody of our children to me.

My fianc and I are both Filipino males and we

would like to get married in Argentina because they
allow same sex marriages for foreigners. Based on
our understanding of the Family Code, we believe we
can get married in Argentina and our marriage will be
recognized in the Philippines since it will be valid in
Argentina, following the principle of lex loci

After the divorce was granted, my children and I

moved to Brazil where I met my future husband, a
dashing Brazilian man.
Its been nearly ten years since the divorce and I am
ready to get married again. My fianc and I intend to
relocate to the Philippines where we also plan to have
our wedding.

Please advise.
Thank you.
Very truly yours,

I called up my ex-husband recently and told him

about my plans to remarry. He said that since weve
been divorced in 2006, there shouldnt be
any problem. He also mentioned in our last
conversation that his green card
application (for US citizenship) was
1. Restate the relevant facts in your own words
2. Identify the legal issues in each query and state them before you
I just want to make sure that there are no
3. Cite the provisions of law/s and jurisprudence to support your
legal impediments to my marriage, and if
there are, what options are available to me.
I have a copy of our divorce decree, by the way.
I would appreciate your advice. Muchas gracias.