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Fundraising by Oleksiy Nesterenko

for a semiconductor equipment


Startup incubator help developing organizations become by giving them

important assets and introductory financing to extend their thoughts. In return
for financing, they regularly keep a little rate of the organization. Throughout the
span of a couple of months, hatcheries work with new businesses to make a plan
for their organizations to present to financial specialists toward the end of the

Goals and Sponsors

Startup brooding has been recognized as an issue of gathering an assortment of
monetary and financial strategy needs, which may incorporate employment
creation, cultivating a group's entrepreneurial atmosphere, engineering
commercialization, broadening nearby economies, building or quickening
development of neighborhood industry bunches, business creation and
maintenance, empowering ladies or minority enterprise, recognizing potential
twist in or twist out business open doors, or group revitalization.

Oleksiy Nesterenko: Semiconductor equipment startup developed a new
lithography technology to be used in manufacturing of semiconductors and was
seeking an equity investor to provide funding for further commercialization of the

The client needed to develop a roadmap for technology commercialization,
formulate monetization business model and market entry plan, prepare financial
model for the business and budgets each commercialization stages, advice with
respect to cap tables, and assistance with term sheet negotiations.
Oleksiy Nesterenkos role:

Prepared comprehensive business plan detailing the companys

strengths, weaknesses, market opportunities, and competitive threats
Identified capabilities gaps and developed product commercialization
roadmap with internal engineering team
Based on the companys competitive advantage and key unique selling
proposition designed market entry plan and monetization model to
achieve startups business growth objectives
Built comprehensive operational and valuation models
Took an active role in term sheet negotiations

The client was impressed with the developed business strategy for the company
and quality of the prepared materials. As a result of this effort, the client was
able to attract new investors and raise required capital.


Having a great product is not enough for a startup to succeed. Well-developed
financial acumen, solid business strategy, and high operational efficiency are
critical factors that set star performers from the rest of the pack.

Oleksiy Nesterenko Start-up finance will help you understand what are the key
financial aspects of your business you should focus on, what are some of the
proven business strategies to employ, what are the primary metrics investors
use to evaluate a startup, and finally how to set your startup on the path of
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