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Teaching Practice Booklet
EDUC 1901
B.Ed. Teaching Practice Lesson Plan


21st. October. 2015


Anfal Al Dahmani.


3th period (8:55-9:40) but I will teach

for ten minutes (in the middle of the


Al Mansour School.


Miss Manal Issa


Grade 4/2


L.28 ( Out and about), p. 34

No of

27 students.

Context of the lesson

- Vocabulary.
- Spelling.
- Writing.
Teaching goal
- Learn new vocabulary.
- Spell and write the new words.
- Use the new vocabulary words in sentences ( would , visit )
Learning objectives By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
- Students will memorize how we use the words to write a complete sentence to describe the places.
- Students will compare and contrast between the places they like to go it and the places that they dont
like to visit it.
- Students will justify their reasons of choosing the places more.
Assumptions about prior learning

Some boys know the meaning of the words.

Some boys know how to write a strong justification.
Some boys have a knowledge about some information of places.

Anticipated problems and possible solutions

The technology may not work, so I will try to have hard copies.
Some students might be absent.
Some students will not be able to understand the activity, so I will use simple words to describe it.
Personal focus for this lesson
I will try to create a simple activity for the low achievers.
I will try to use classroom management.
I will try to vary voice intonation.
I will focus on giving group work.
Target language

Teacher language

Teaching Practice Booklet
EDUC 1901
Vocabulary: - new words ( would , visit )
Good morning boys.
My objective for today is to complete for you what
Spelling: - read the words with correct spelling
miss Manal started.
Giving points for the active students.
Main tasks or activities
Warming up: - playing a game to refresh their
minds and to get their attention.
Building knowledge: - answering the
questions inside envelops.

Consider these grouping strategies:

Pair work
Whole class

Resources and teaching aids

- Power point.
- envelops.
- A3 papers.
- Markers.
- Pencils.
Consider where the children are working:
At their desks

B.Ed BAS Teaching Practice Booklet

Year 1 Semester 2
Time Stage

Interactio Teacher

2 mins


(activity and Language)

Teacher will :Greeting the students.

Students will:-

E.g.:- Good morning boys.

Greeting her back.


She will play with the students a game to

Students will clap their hands back.

get their attention

E.g. Clap her hand.



She will stick envelops in some places in

Students will try to find one envelop for each

the class.


Teacher will put an example for the

Students will read the example then


they will complete the activity.

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B.Ed BAS Teaching Practice Booklet

Year 1 Semester 2

5 mins


Teacher will ask the students to present

Students will present their work in

their work.

front of their friends.

Stages = Engage, Core (presentation, guided practice, independent practice, production), Close

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B.Ed BAS Teaching Practice Booklet

Year 1 Semester 2
Strength: -

Well in building the activity.

Students were motivated and all of them were working on the groups.

Well in getting the students attention before I start the activity.

Good management in giving the instructions.

Good in using classroom management.

Good in mentor the students while there are working on the activity.

Suggestions: -

Revise the grammar mistakes.

Personal Aim for next lesson


I will work hard on my language.

I will use different classroom management in next TP.

I will improve my lesson plan preparation.

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