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Lesson Plan
French 1120
Building: SOC 285
Tuesday October 27 2015
Hour: 9.30 10.45 (1h 15 mn)
Instructor: Brigitte Trotot

Class of Adult learners
20 students of mixed gender and mixed L1s
Language class in a University setting
Lesson to be taught in the 14th week into the semester
The lesson takes place in a 1 hour 15 minute class

The students have learned to ask for directions and give directions using the proper
terminology as well as the prepositions. They now know how to conjugate the verb
prendre related to public transports. They also have learned new vocabulary related to
public transportations, the way of life in the city in France. A distinction between down
town (wealthy section) and suburbs ( poor or low middle class environment) has been
made. They have been introduced to le quartier and the various shops ( picerie,
pharmacie, marchand de journaux, boulangerie, boucherie) that can be found in a city.
They can say where specific items of daily life can be bought. They have learnt some
food vocabulary as well as the use of du, de la, de l,des but this needs to be
consolidated. 7 students were absent the previous lesson.

Practice the atricles patitifs.
Introduce the demonstrative adjectives.
Discuss which is their favorite city and what they like doing when they go out.
Introduce the verb sortir and its irregular conjugation as well as the verb dormir
Discuss further activities with the introduction of new vocabulary


- SWBAT to make a grocery shopping list. (vocabulary)
- SWAT say how much and how many (vocabulary-grammar)
- SWAT express quantity (vocabulary)

SWAT to go grocery shopping and ask for products using les partitifs
(functional-grammar- non language)
SWBAT to understand a short video of people doing their grocery shopping (non
SWBAT to understand the differences between masculine/ feminine (plural) of
demonstrative adjectives. (functional, grammar- vocabulary)
SWAT complete the exercise on the power point.(grammar- vocabulary)
SWBAT describe their favorite city, how they go there and how often (functional
SWBAT to recognize the irregular conjugation of the verbs courir and

- Power point slides
- handout with instructions to perform the dialogue


9.25 - 9.30: Introduction to French culture
Un gars et une Fille youtube video extract of a French famous sitcom. In this extract
the characters are in a supermarket and highlight the typical French behavior of a
couple doing their grocery shopping. (non language)

9.30 9.35: Review of the previous lesson Following a PPT slide, call on some students
to describe what they see in the shopping cart . They will have to elicit the correct
partitif (grammar- functional)

9.40 -9.45: Introduce how much/ how many with the slide describe how many oranges
there are and how much bread there is. Introduce the word combien and quantity
vocabulary such beaucoup de, un peu de assez.. (grammar- vocabulary)

9.45 9.50 Call on students and ask them to elicit the quantities of the various products
in the cart, if there are are problems with the notion of combien. Ask one student how
many girls there are in the class? Make a comparison with the number of boys which is
less. (grammar functional)

9.50 9.55: Show a Youtube video of a young lady grocery shopping in order to get
Lunch ready, explain she is at a primeur typical French grocery store where they sell
vegetables and fruit only. (functional- non language)

9.55 10.05 :Pair the students to do an activity; role play write a short grocery
shopping list. Then they will be one the grocer, the other the customer. The will perform
a short dialogue as in the video, using the appropriate greetings.
Go around a listen to the students asking and answering questions. Give help if needed.
Note the mistakes (functional-grammar- vocabulary)

10.05 10.10: wrap up the activity, ask for two volunteers to do the role play. Ask if
there are any questions.

10.10 10.15: with the help of a Video I am going to introduce the demonstrative
adjectives: Ce ,cet, cette, ces (non-language)

10.15 10 -20: from a slide, show a picture of a shelf with various object. I will not be
able to view all the items on the shelf but I will pick those with which I can articulate my
explanation. Display the picture on the White board and write the vocabulary I need to
explain the use of the determinative adjectives. (grammar-vocabulary)

10.20 10. 25 Switch to the next slide on which there is a short exercise with blanks to fill
with the appropriate demonstrative adjectives.
Pair the students and ask them to do the exercise helping each other ( grammar-

10.25 10.30: wrap up the activity : call on students to correct the exercise.

10.30 10.35: With the help of the slide on which some questions regarding the favorite
city are written I will call on students to answer the questions. This will be a review of
transportation. New vocabulary is introduced: verb sortir and courir.

10.35-10.40 Thanks to the slide elicit clearly the conjugation of courir and sortir.
Have one student say one verb and another one the second.

10.40. 10.45 Say they are other irregular verbs to check page 128 of the book. Do
exercise12 page 128

Possible problems

I need to be careful on how the pairs are arranged because there was some friction
between the students in the past. If I run out of time, I will only ask one or two students
the questions about their favorite city and I will ask the whole class to say out loud the
conjugation of the verbs courir and sortir.