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Gorbachev's "Grand Bargain"

A Choice between the

Cold War and Nuclear Blackmail

"If perestroika fails, the prospect of entering a new

peaceful period in history will vanish"
. . . Mikhail Gorbechev
Even the Washington Post has begun to understand that
liberalism's "Golden Boy" Gorby is a smiling predator.
According to Post writer Michael Dobbs, Time magazine's
Man of the decade is "seeking to confront his hosts with a
stark choice: sink billions of dollars in the Soviet Union or
risk the return of the Cold War".
One simple question will easily silence liberal skeptics who
deny that Gorbachev's "grand bargain" multi-billion dollar
bail-out scheme is little more than a thinly-veiled blackmail
attempt: "Would the debt-ridden U.S. seriously consider
dumping tens of billions of dollars into the black hole of the
Soviet economy were it not for the Kremlin's five-to-one
advantage in offensive nuclear weaponry?" The
appointment of BOB STRAUSS (a leading bastion of the
Democrat party) as Ambassador to the Soviet Union is a strong indication that
the Bush Administration intends to seriously consider Gorbachev's demands for
a "grand bargain." Strauss, a consummate deal-maker respected by the leadership of both parties, is one of the few Washington insiders with enough
Congressional clout to override conservative opposition to a massive "save the
West from Soviet instability" aid package. Consider recent threats (unreported,
of course) made by Soviet militarists that has official Washington nervously
preparing a Kremlin bail-out.