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3rd Grade Newsletter

Week of November 30-December 4, 2015

spelling words
memory verse
In reply Jesus declared, I tell you the truth, no one can see
9. glue
1. clue

the kingdom of God unless he is born again.
10. noodle challenge words
2. tuna

11. truth
John 3:3
16. jewel
3. root

17. duet
4. June
5. flute

of the week for joyfulness
14. duty
6. blue

15. rude
7. chew

8. choose

This Week in Class:
Born Again
Spelling City: This is a great resource to practice your spelling and vocabulary words

Math: Multiplication and division word
for our reading test on Friday. I also added the Social Studies vocabulary. Make sure

timed test 6s and 7s
your student logs on and uses the games for studying.
Non-fiction Book Project - This week I have attached the January book project so

Crinkleroots Guide to Knowing Animal
that students may get a head start on it. Friday we will read a story called Animal
Classifying and Categorizing,

Fact/Fable. The format in the story is the same format students will be using for their
Government Passages
book project. If you still have questions about the book project after reading the

assignment, your child may bring home a literature book to get a better idea of the set
Language: Subject Pronouns

up. Students in past years have really enjoyed this project, as they have been able to
read and explore new areas of interest. I purposely passed it out early in case students

want to read their books over Christmas break. The instructions are also on Weebly.
Paragraph of the Week- This week we will be starting a weekly homework
habitats, rich, variety, patch,

assignment called Paragraph of the Week. Each Monday the students will be given a
migrating, vast, recognize, predator, prey,

topic that they will need to write about and turn in on Friday. Each day will lead them
through the writing process that we do in class. The directions are included and gives an


Check out the Spelling City links on Weebly to

practice your Social Studies and reading vocabulary
and spelling words. I also added a couple of Quizlets
to help your students practice subject pronouns.

dont forget to turn in your checklist and signed

Spelling test on Friday J

activity to do each day of the week. Having this extra practice each week will help them
with their sentence structure, grammar, spelling, and confidence in writing paragraphs.
We use the Step Up to Writing methods which the students have been using since first
grade and practicing in class. Please help your student by having them read their
paragraph to you each Thursday so they can start editing their own work.
Weekly Reading Comprehension Selection-We will also be continuing to practice
reading a short selection and answering questions related to the passage. This will help
the students be more successful on their Cold Read Assessments in class as well as
Terra Nova Testing in the Spring. Please encourage them to read it the first time for
meaning, the second time looking for main ideas and repeated words, and then answering
the questions by going back to the text to find evidence.

Homework and Stuff







Chapel 9:00
6s and 7s Timed Test
Library Books Due

Math Test

Bible Verse Test
Spelling Test
Reading Test
6s and 7s Timed Test

Math Page
Sticky note Summary
Paragraph of the
week Day 1

Sticky Note Summary

Math Page
Paragraph of the Week
Day 2
The Need for
Government Passage

Sticky note Summary

Paragraph of the Week
Day 3
Math Study Guide

Spelling pre-test SIGNED

Sticky note Summary
Read Crinkleroots Guide
in SRA book
Study for tests
Paragraph of the Week
Day 4

Turn in checklist and signed

Turn in Sticky note Summary
Turn In Paragraph of the Week