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Joel LaBombard
Professor Malcolm Campbell
English 1103
September 28, 2015
Topic Proposal: Is There an Effective Work Environment Design?

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can think of?

I will be discussing the different types of architecture plans for a work place and finding
out what plans are most effective for the employees. Finding out what layout is the most

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your research goals?

productive for a certain work environment intrigues me because there are endless factors that go
into a basic design, yet a work environment to make a business successful. I have always

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wondered how architects came up with these effective designs. The most well know business for

Commented [KH4]: come up with these effective


there effective work place and building is Google. This work place can be thought of in many

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different ways because people think of it as a play place, work place, art work, well designed,
bad designed, or uncalled for design.

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What is a good design? This question is asked by every architect. The main question that
I will be looking into will be what is a good design for a company and how will it effect its
productivity. Where a building is placed and certain features of a building are located are very

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import part of this certain design process I will be examining. This topic is important to look at

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from many stand points. Knowing the factors of a good design to make a company more
productive not only helps out the architecture firm but also makes the company better too.

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contrast these two perspectives in your research.

One of the main parts I will be looking into will be the different rooms and facilities that
are not one hundred percent needed but might help the work place be more productive. For this, I

Commented [KH10]: What are the top ten most efficient

work places?

will be looking into the top ten most efficient work places and comparing there design process.

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there, their, and theyre!

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Initial Inquiry Question(s)

What design for a business makes them the most productive? What factors go into a
design for a work place to make them more efficient? What factors of design make the top ten
most effective work places so effective?

Commented [KH12]: These questions address your topic

very well!

My Interest in this Topic

I am interested in this topic because it directly relates to my major. I have always
wondered what was truly inside the Google headquarters. This project gave me a perfect reason
to research more about the design process behind it. One reason Google headquarters is so well
known is because how productive they are there. This drew my interest to, how does a design of
a building and its components effect the employees there. One of the main reason I choose
Google for my main resource and the other top 9 work places is because they are all so different
but similar. They all have a modern look to them with a slight industrial side which is what I
look for when I design.
I already know the style of the building that I am referring to. I can also recall from the
research that I have done, that there are many different types of rooms, such game room,
sleeping lounge, ping pong, food court, etc. I hope to learn more about the architects who
designed these office buildings. I also hope that I might get inspired by one of the building and
use something I see in one of my designs later on. I plan on using the information I learn during
this process later on in my major and my career.

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evolve can help you find new ways to express yourself!

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Next Steps
I will be visiting Google main web page and use their data base about there own designs.
I will also be using the Stors Library because it has books on the Google headquarters. I am also
going to use some of the main Architecture magazines that are on the design process of Google.

I can tell you are genuinely curious about this topic. Your inquiry questions address the
subtleties of your subject quite well. You also seem to have a solid plan and concrete sources to
continue your research. You may want to consider narrowing down your focus, however. Based
on your topic proposal, you seem to be more interested in Google Headquarters than the other
top nine most employee friendly office buildings. Focusing only on Google could limit the
number of sources that are specific to your topic, but you could still use sources concerning the
techniques and designs utilized in the Google office. If you think limiting your proposal solely to
Google is too narrow, you could possibly us the top three to five most efficient office buildings.
For help finding sources you can contact the CoAA librarian Sara Dewaay. Also, make sure you
present a clear and concise product at the end of the semester. Using the correct words and
articulating your thoughts help to effectively convey your thoughts to your audience.
Katie Harmon

Commented [KH14]: These seem like promising sources,

but dont forget about the other top most efficient office