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Annotated Bibliography based on the research question,

How does child abuse and neglect occur?

CHILD ABUSE PSA. (2010, April 16). Retrieved October 23, 2015.
This video provides a vivid image of how child abuse and neglect takes place. The
actors make a scene where the girl is abused and the mother abuses her. The girl
decides to run away to end the cycle of abuse. This video help me understand the
situation some girls go through with the people that they should feel close and
love with such as a mother. The child abuse may happen at the proximity of a
closed door in the own discomfort of your house.
Child Abuse PSA. (2009, April 30). Retrieved October 22, 2015.
The PSA shows the definition of child abuse and neglect and some captions to
help you understand the events happening. The background music also helps set
the mood of the images portrayed on the video. The producer gets the message
through by providing a story of a girl that gets abused by someone who lives with
her. This video provokes rage towards the abuser and makes me feel hopeless by
thinking of all the events that may be occurring in this moments in closed doors of
homes we may not enter.
Child Abuse & Neglect. (n.d.). Retrieved October 21, 2015.
This government websites provides a full understanding of child abuse and
neglect. The central theme of this website is to see the overview the government
sees when touching the sensitive factor of child abuse. It gives me hope that the
government looks into child abuse and know there may be a change happening as
I am researching one.

Child Neglect. (n.d.). Retrieved October 25, 2015.

The American Humane Association presents the types of neglect the children go
through which vary from physical, educational, emotional and medical. The
website displays information of what you may do to stop and prevent children
from being abused. The website also includes NCANDS, the National Child
Abuse and Neglect Data System for national information on child abuse and
neglect. I selected this website because it help me understand the different types
of neglect. The website gave me the feeling that progress may take place in the
child abuse circle.
Child Abuse Statistics. (n.d.). Retrieved October 18, 2015.
Several organizations show interest in child abuse and they provide the statistics
such as the statistics shown in the website of child help. The statistics provide an
understanding on how improvement needs to take place to make the United States
a safer place for children. The statistics displayed of the child abuse that occurs in
the U.S. help me change my mind in wanting to make a change in society by
creating an organization myself.
DuPre, D., & Sites, J. (n.d.). Child abuse investigation field guide (2015 ed.).
This online source provides the statistics of the epidemic that is taking place in the
United States today. The book provides information on who is the one reporting
the child abuse that occurs. The E-book states what the field of law enforcement
does to stop child abuse. In my interest with child abuse being stop by a greater

force such as law enforcement this resource is useful for the understanding in the
child abuse investigation.
Petersen, A. (2014). New directions in child abuse and neglect research. Washington: The
National Academies Press.
This E-book provides information on child abuse occurring by introducing and
describing the problem, consequences of child abuse and neglect, child welfare
system, and recommendations. This online source also includes a wide variety of
thoughts to understand child abuse and neglect. I agreed with this book in all its
ideas that were presented on how they described the problem of child abuse and
the casualties that lead to the events.
Why does child abuse happen? (n.d.). Retrieved October 23, 2015.
The website states the different types of reasons child abuse and neglect leads to
occurring: isolations and lack of support, stress, unrealistic expectations, lack of
parenting skills, drug and alcohol problems, low self esteem and self confidence,
and poor childhood experiences. As a psychological diagnosis would state, they
state the number of factors one must present to have the possibility for a child to
be in harm. I agree that the presence of the factors listed above gives the
opportunity for child abuse to occur.
Personal Interview, Anonymous, Oct 22, 2015,. 10:30 a.m., College Dropout
For the patient being abused as a child has changed his life significantly. The
ideas he might have had as a grown up fade away as his ideas fade away by the
memories he has of his childhood. Day to day activities are not the same as
anyone else by his memories stopping his interactions with the world. This

interview was interesting in the form that it helped him understand in the end that
he was over the events by being able to tell me his story and events.
Personal Interview, Anonymous, Oct 22, 2015,. 1:30 a.m.,
As a child in puberty this student was afraid of his fathers footsteps when he got
back from work. The sound of his boots made him realize he was going to get hit
for no reason and as of today the sound of boots psychologically make him
irritant. This interview was significant because it made me open my mind in the
different reasons people have to disgust the variety of sounds for different