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Sulah Hudaibiah & Bait

ur rizwan
10 km from Makah village of
Peace treaty
Apparently submissive peace
But Allah called it victory for
Prophet Mohammad intended to
perform Hajj


Makkan forces gathered to oppose the entry

Muslims reached Hudaibiah and erected their
News that Hazrat Usman ghani was martyred
Bait ur rizwan
Terms of agreements
1-Muslim will go back this year
2-they may return next year
3-they should com unarmed
4-The Arab tribes will be free to chose their allies

Two Gazwat

Kheyber 7 H.E
Mutah 8H.E

Conquest of Makkah
10Ramadan; 8 H.E

On the basis of peace of Hudaibia

Banu Khuzaah---allies of Muslims
Banu Bakr----allies of Quraish
Enemies of one another for a long time
Banu Bakr attacked on Banu khuzaah
Quraish assisted Banu Bakr
Delegation of Banu Khuzaah to Madina for help
Proclaimed by Quraish that peace of Hudaibiah was no
more valid
Abu sufyan came to Madina but Prophet refused to see
Prophet ordered for preparation to travel Makkah

Letters were dispatched to Arab tribes to join in

their march
Strict orders were issued for secrecy
A respectable badri Sahabi (Habib bin Abi
Baltaa)in his anxiety for the safty of his family
quietly sent a letter.
Prophet came to know
Letter was intercepted by hazrat Ali
Prophet pardoned Habib
10.000 Muslim left Madina
Prophets own banner was carried by Hazrat
Zubair bin Awwam

Prophet proclaimed that:

Whoever will lay down his arms
Whoever will take refuge in Abu
Sufyans house
Whoever will lock himself inside his
house will be safe
A general amnesty was announced

Some mischief-mongers offered

Two Muslims lost their lives
Thereupon,Hazrat Khalid attacked on
them and 13 were killed
There were many idols in Kabah
All of them were thrown out
Hazrat Umer himself cleaned the Kabah

Prophet asked the keys from its

custodian ,Uthman Bin Talha
Entered it along with Hazrat Bilal
and Talha