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Spring 2014



Pearl Post

House Corporation presents

renovated house at annual meeting

n November 2, 2013, the House Corporation along

with chapter members and Epsilon Mu alumnae,
were present at the chapter house for the official ribbon-cutting and house dedication ceremony. Plaques were
presented to the architect,
contractor, and interior designer thanking them for their
hard work on the renovation
of the chapter house and former Corporation President
Pat Buchanan, Beta Sigma
59 gave a brief speech about
the project and the boards
excitement to have a beautiful
house for the women of Epsilon Mu to call home.

Members of the House Corporation and

active chapter gathered for the ribbon-cutting ceremony
and house dedication in the fall.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony

took place during Founders
Day weekend where the
chapter hosted alumnae and their families for a pre-game
barbecue and house tours to show off the renovations.
On November 3, the annual meeting of the House
Corporation was held following the Founders Day
celebration and luncheon with the Epsilon Mu Chapter
members, advisors, and alumnae. The chapter welcomed two
special guests to the celebrationNational Vice President of

Membership Sara Seely Chacon, Gamma Alpha 00, and

National Housing Corporation Vice President of Housing
Operations Jennifer Johanneman Painter, Epsilon Zeta 87.
During the meeting, Pat gave the state of the corporation
update where she discussed the major renovation project and
thanked the women of the board who were all instrumental
in the project. The corporation welcomed me as a new board
member and Alisha Bales Long 93 stepped down from the
board as secretary.
After the meeting, board elections were held where we
welcomed three new officers: Krista Roberts as president,
Katy Bonnett Bayer 97 as treasurer, and Elizabeth Birdsall
Cockrell 91 as secretary.
The corporation is excited to welcome new leadership as we
move forward with supporting the chapter, and we thank Pat
Buchanan and Kate Kloserman Schoenhard 69 for their 24
years of service as board officers.
We look forward to seeing continued success from the
chapter in the future!
In Sigma Kappa,
Krista Thomas Roberts 99
Corporation Board President
(636) 236-5082

Pat Jarboe Buchanan, Beta Sigma 59, Recounts Sigma Kappa Memories

ormer Epsilon Mu House Corporation President Pat Jarboe

Buchanan, Beta Sigma 59, has always been a strong supporter of
Sigma Kappa. She held the position of board president for
24 years before stepping down in 2013, yet still remains active
with the House Corporation as a board member and volunteer.
I have enjoyed working with the Epsilon Mu Chapter and
serving as president. I truly appreciate all of those who gave me
the opportunity. I hope my contributions will instill in others the
desire to help Sigma Kappa.
Pat became involved with the board when the chapter recolonized.
I had said for several years that if/when Sigma Kappa colonized at the
University of Missouri, I would like to be involved. In 1989, I received a
call from a National Council officer asking if I was interested in serving
on the board to which I responded, Great! She then asked if I wanted to
be the president. I was unsure because I didnt think I had the knowledge

or experience to serve in that capacity, but what she said gave me the
confidence to take on the role: I remember when you were at Purdue and
the many contributions you made to the chapter. You can do it.
Epsilon Mu has come a long way since Pats tenure on the board
began in 1989. She is especially impressed with how the active
chapter has flourished since rechartering a year and a half ago.
Members of the chapter have done a wonderful job bringing
Sigma Kappa back to the University of Missouri. I loved meeting
so many great young women, and getting a chapter house that
the women could be proud of and the resources to do a major
renovation last year.
Being able to renovate the chapter house so it was competitive on campus
is one of the major accomplishments of the House Corporation. We started
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The Pearl Post

Pat Jarboe
Buchanan, Beta
Sigma 59, Recounts
Sigma Kappa
(Continued from page 1)

out leasing two pieces of property, but

needed to find a place we could move into
that was our owna house to renovate or
property to build on. My husband, Tom, was
very caring and loved Sigma Kappa as much
as I did, so we drove around trying to find
something to suit the chapters needs. The
House Corporation eventually bought a plot
of land with the intent of building, and now
needed to get out of our leases. Not long
after, a woman offered us her home (Epsilon
Mus current house), so then we had to deal
with selling the newly purchased property
and get out of our two previous leases. It
was a bit hectic for a while, but it all paid off
because the house we have now is beautiful
and the young women who live there are
always friendly and are doing great things
for the future of the chapter.
Pat attended Purdue University and was a
member of the Beta Sigma Chapter of Sigma
Kappa. Her experiences resonated with her
and led to her staying involved as an alumna.
I remember the alumnae who helped our
chapter and learned from them that its an
honor to be a Sigma Kappa. When youre
an alumna, its only right to give back to
your community, chapter, and sorority as a
Pat lives in Columbia, Missouri, with
her puppy, Jasmine. She has become my
constant companion and is always there to
greet me when I come home. She volunteers
for two second grade teachers and belongs
to the Assistance League of Mid-Missouri
and Chapter LM P.E.O., both of which are
philanthropic and have a variety of ways
to give back to the community and assist
young women. Pat is also a very enthusiastic
and dedicated Mizzou fan, attending
many football and basketball games
throughout the year. You can contact Pat at

Kate Klosterman Schoenhard 69

Maintains Pride in Epsilon Mu

or Kate Klosterman Schoenhard 69,

joining Sigma Kappa was the clear choice
after going through recruitment.
She made an instant connection with
the young women of Epsilon Mu and,
in doing so, made friendships that
have survived the test of time. A few
alumnaePat Gawrys Fribis 69
and Ellen Weisert Gutierrez 71
live in St. Louis, so we see each other
occasionally. Ellens daughter recently
moved to my street, so Im sure I will see her
even more now. I also stay in touch with my
pledge daughter, Pat Reidelberger Cook 70,
who lives in Colorado.
During her time as a collegiate, Epsilon Mu
was the newest chapter on campus, so it took
some time to gain their footing. After about five
years at Mizzou, the chapter closed, which was a
turning point for Kate and led her to get involved
as an alumna. She has served as alumnae
chapter president, CPO for six chapters, on an
advisory board, and on the National Housing
Corporation. Kate held the position of treasurer
in the Epsilon Mu House Corporation from 1989
to 2013. My reason for joining the board was to
ensure we didnt go through the same situations
that led to us closing in the past. I wanted to
create better opportunities for the young women
in the chapter now and in the future.

A group of Epsilon Mu members gather at a

tailgate before a Mizzou football game.

To the current executive board, Kate advises you

to be the women other members can use as role
models. Do your job to the best of your abilities,
and document everything so those who follow
in your footsteps can learn from you and benefit
from your wisdom.
Kate earned her bachelor of science in education
from Mizzou. After teaching and working in
several business offices, she retired to raise her
children and volunteer at their schools.
Kate and her husband, Bill, live in Kirkwood,
Missouri, and have two children, Sarah and Tom,
and three grandchildren: Charlie, Ellie, and Kate.
You can contact her at

Amber Steele 12, Maggie Nold 13, and Britney

Steele 12 dance in Mizzous GAMMA Jam.

House Corporation Board

Krista Thomas Roberts 99

Vice President of
Property Supervision
Mary Jane Turner

Vice President
Melissa Thompson 97

Alumnae Board Members

Pat Jarboe Buchanan,
Beta Sigma 59

Elizabeth Birdsall Cockrell 91
Katy Bonnett Bayer 97


Kate is proud of everything the chapter has

accomplished in the year and a half since being
re-established on campus. They are
doing a fantastic job displaying a
positive image and are attracting new
members. The active members I have
met are outstanding and so personable.
I would be happy to call any one of
them my daughter. I urge any alumna
who hasnt visited campus lately to go
back and meet these young women and
see their beautiful home. Its a vast improvement
from the house we lived in as undergraduates.

Kristie Bray Larson 94

Lisa Walz Page,
Delta Upsilon 77
Kate Klosterman Schoenhard 69

Collegiate Board
Chapter President
Kara Simon 12
Chapter Vice President
of Finance
Olivia Barfield 12
House Manager
Madeleine Ptacin 12

Sigma Kappa Claims Their Place at Mizzou

Active Chapter Proves Strength in Academics, Recruitment, and Philanthropy

he Epsilon Mu Chapter is so excited to

be back in our newly renovated house.
Last semester we made great strides as a
chapter with an incredible scholarship program,
an all-time fundraising high, and more than 90
new members.

grew to know these women through three open

house events that consisted of a family-style
game night, a pizza night, and an ice cream social
night. On preference night, chapter members
decorated cupcakes with our guests as stories
were shared and bonds began to form. We are
so excited to welcome these new women to our
sisterhood and show them all the joy that Sigma
Kappa has to offer. Epsilon Mu looks forward to
fall formal recruitment from August 17-24.

Academics on the Rise

In the fall, Epsilon Mu Chapter earned over a 3.1

GPA. Our scholarship program is designed for
members to have more opportunities to improve
their academics other than sit-down study hours.
Women can visit with their professors and make
flash cards, and as a result, do better on exams to
gain success through our program.

Epsilon Mu Soars in Philanthropy

One of our greatest achievements was becoming

the number-one fundraising Sigma Kappa
Chapter in the nation for the Alzheimers
Association by raising over $20,000. We also
participated in the Walk to End Alzheimers in
Columbia and raised over $5,000.

Executive Council
Kara Simon 12 / Plano, Texas
(214) 909-9646
Executive Vice President
Cori Sobota 12 / Gurnee, Ill.
Vice President of Membership
Emmi Apel 12 / Kansas City, Mo.
(816) 739-8082
Vice President of New Member Education
Jamie Stanley 12 / Libertyville, Ill.
Vice President of Alumnae Relations
Kendall Foley 12 / Gower, Mo.
Vice President of Scholarship
Alexa Burtnett 12 / Wentzville, Mo.
Vice President of Finance
Olivia Barfield 12 / St. Charles, Mo.
Vice President of Communication
Rachel Etzler 11 / Centralia, Mo.
Vice President of Philanthropic Service
Demi Yeager 12 / Clear Lake, Iowa
Panhellenic Delegate
Lauren Butowsky 13 / Plano, Texas

Anna Tamasi 13, Claire Banderas 13, Molly

Brenner 13, Katie McTearnen 13, and Maddie
Harmening 13 attended the Walk to End
Alzheimers in Columbia. Epsilon Mu raised over
$20,000 for Alzheimers research last summer.

A Strong Showing in Recruitment

While we recruited more than 90 new members

through formal recruitment in the fall, we
recently welcomed 34 members to our spring
class, making Epsilon Mu a powerhouse chapter
with more than 280 members. Chapter members

Alumnae, if you are ever in Columbia, please

make a point to stop by the house, see our new
home, and meet the amazing young women of
Epsilon Mu. We would be more than happy to
see you.
In Sigma Kappa,
Kara Simon 12
Chapter President
(214) 909-9646

Welcome Epsilon Mus

New Vice President Alumnae Relations

y name is Kendall Foley 12 and I

have recently been elected as the new
vice president of alumnae relations
for the Epsilon Mu Chapter at the University of
Missouri. I am thrilled to serve in this role and I
am so excited to work with all of you.
As we all know, the mystic bond means so much
more than our collegiate experience. Over
the next year, I will strive to include alumnae
in several ways. My goal is to keep alumnae
connected not only through the events and
updates of our chapter, but also through the spirit
of Sigma Kappa. I will share with you what is
happening on the collegiate level and encourage
you to get involved with the sorority.
Beyond that, I hope to challenge you to live
through Sigma Kappa each day by reminding

yourselves of our values and keeping our ritual

in your hearts. I want to assist you in benefitting
from Sigma Kappa at every age, through every
hardship, with every triumph, and in every
I welcome you to contact me with ideas,
questions, concerns, and especially greetings. I
want to meet you and I would be delighted to tell
you about myself.
Thank you and I hope to see and hear from you
In Sigma Kappa,
Kendall Foley 12
Vice President of Alumnae Relations
(816) 509-2545

Welcome, New Members

Lauren Arnold
Bethany Bornhorst
Gabriela Cutera
Courtney Fallon
Patricia Fowler
Brooke Fritzlar
Sydney Garcia
Elizabeth Garrison
Alexandra Gnibus

Andrea Hurst
Emily Isaacs
Bridgett Kieffer
Amanda Lapicki
Kristine Legnig
Kennedy Maclachlan
Allyson Marcus
Alison Marra
Kellan Marvin

Colleen Matthews
Kylie Musgrove
Samantha Ockerlund
Jessica Patterson
Emily Peters
Gina Pintozzi
Jennifer Portell
Tia Pratt
Angela Reeves

Jessica Renz
Marlee Ribnick
Kylie Smith
Lindsay Tarson
Kady Thompson
Isabella Vieira
Taylor Walters


Epsilon Mu Shines
at Homecoming

omecoming 2013 for Sigma Kappa was

one for the books. We enjoyed pairing
with Phi Gamma Delta and Delta Chi.
We spent many long nights painting, pomping,
and using endless amounts of glitter. To pass the
time, we required 90s music power hours and
a lot of Taco Bell. Throughout the process, we
made countless new friends and bonded with
sisters to make memories that will last a lifetime.


Pearl Post

Epsilon Mu Chapter of Sigma Kappa

P.O. Box 764
Columbia, MO 65205
Address Service Requested

The Homecoming theme was Great American

Cities, and our team selected Philadelphia.
We focused our theme on the idea of colonial
America and the founding of our great nation.
Sigma Kappas first Homecoming since recolonization was a huge success. With the hard work of
our sisters and fraternity partners, we were able to
put together an impressive performance.
The chapter would like to thank the men of Phi
Gamma Delta and Delta Chi, our wonderful
liaisons, and all of the alumnae who make
Homecoming possible! We cant wait for next year!

Alumnae Update

Members of Sigma Kappa and partners

Phi Gamma Delta and Delta Chi before
the Homecoming parade. The group
took eighth place overall.

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Jeanne Richesin Heitmeyer 68 teaches at

Florida State University full time. She lives
in Tallahassee, Fla., has two children, Angela
and Rich, and four grandchildren. E-mail:

Mary Davis Petersen 98 was promoted to

team lead for the emergency department of
Mercy E.R. in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and is
a member of the Iowa Nurses Association.

Karen Walther Eisele 70 retired in 2007 after

34 years of teaching and moved from Ohio to
the beach in Florida with her husband. We
very much enjoy the warm weather, blues
skies, and gorgeous Gulf of Mexico. E-mail:

Erica White 01 works in Chicago as a credit

manager for Ferguson Enterprises. E-mail:

Maryellen Harshbarger McVicker 71 has

twin granddaughters, age 2. She was named
professor of the year at the University of
Missouri and outstanding professor at Moberly
Area Community College. Maryellen and her
husband, Wiley, live in Boonville, Mo. E-mail:
Jennifer Courtney Clodi 90 lives in St.
Louis, Mo., and is a founding member of The
Jeweltons, a five-women vocal performance
group that formed in 2006. The group released
their first CD, Facets, in 2010. E-mail: jenn_
Kellie Bray 94 served as the 2013 president
of the Agribusiness Club of Washington, D.C.,
and also works as a trainer for Sigma Kappa
National. She lives in Alexandria, Va. E-mail:

Elizabeth Gaines 04 managed the scholarship

selection process for the St. Louis chapter of
the Mizzou alumnae association last March,
which awarded over $35,000 to local high
school seniors headed to the University of
Missouri. Elizabeth also had the pleasure of
meeting the First Lady in November 2011
after being one of 130 volunteers selected to
decorate the White House for the holidays.
Adrienne Pivac 12 joined Epsilon Mu in
December 2012 with her daughter, Niki. Being
initiated with my daughter was the greatest
experience ever! Learning about the values
and philanthropy made me even prouder of
my daughters selection of a sorority, and the
reason I joined Epsilon Mu as an alumna!