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Name of Project: Contractor!F wm: . CA Nolet. @ Weight af Pyc. (flask)+surface saturated dry Pougoste wt b Weight of Pycnometer (flask) \ c. Weight af SSD aggregate j d. Weight of Pyc. (fiask)}+SSD Aggregate +Water @ Weight of oven dry sample Weight of Pycnometer (flask) filed with wales Calculations “Description 3. Bulk Sp. Gr SSD Aggregate, = b. Buk Sp.Gr, (Oven dry) = cc. Apparent Sp. Gr. = 4. Absorption % = ‘Tested By: SiterL oct Bate Samole No ws is W3~ (Wane) “Ws WS = (Wa-W5) (Wa. W3~W5x 100 = WS CiSigned Checked By: ID |ab No. CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS TESTING LABORATORY : CIVIL WORKS ORGANISATION SPECIFIC GRAVITY & ABSORPTION OF i COARSE AGGREGATES © Name-of Project. CWO Lab No. Contractor/Firm: Site/Locati CANo.___ Date: “Type of Material Sample No, Deseripion ‘a. Weight of baskel + surface saturated ary aggregate in air, A gm b. Weight of basket in air, Bogm €. Weight of surface saturated dry aggragato in air, C=A-Bgm d. Weight of basket + saturated aggregate in water D gm @. Weight of basket in water Eom 1. Weight of aggregate in water F=D-E 9m g. Weight of oven dry aggregate G gm ; Calculations The reading taken/labulated in the above chart is fed In the following formula:- 8. Bulk Sp. Gr. (1). (Oven) Fe ee = C-F (2). (SSD) pues SS c-F b. Apparent Sp.Gr. = _G = G-F s.. Absorption% = G=G X100 = 6 Tested By: __ Checked By: _ cisigned CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS TESTING: LABORATORY CIVIL WORKS ORGANISATION © IMPACT V. |E OF AGG! ES Name of Project: Contractor/Finn: CA No: Type of Material: S.No. He Description CWO LabNo_ 2 Site/Location: Date: Sample No. : fgaeece [ara a | Weight of dry sample (Ws gms) b. Wt passing No 8 sieve (W2 gms) ¢. | Wtretained on No 8 sieve (Ws gms) d. | Combined weight (W2 + W3 gms) e. | Aggregates impact value (Wz x 100) fi Aggregates impact value from test 1 2 Aggregates impact value from test 2 = Mean (%) Remarks: Tested By: _ Cisigned Checked By: