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Jazmyne Maldonado

Sabrina Mata
Austin Wendt
TEL 313
November 25, 2015
Activity Design Plan
Activity Objective:
Students will comprehend how to solve linear equations in one variable by reviewing
different equations.
Description of Activity:
The students will demonstrate their knowledge on solving linear equations by reviewing
with an in class activity. The game Ninja, Bear, Cowboy is a fun twist on rock, paper,
scissors, and will be used to determine which team will complete the equation given. In this
activity the students will be given a one-variable linear equation that they will need to solve. The
class will be split in half to create two teams, using the Split-the-Line method, and will be
competing against each other. This activity will allow all the students to recall upon previous
learning, and will be used as a beneficial review of solving linear equations, in preparation for a
unit exam.
Extrinsic: The winning team will receive five bonus points on their exam. As for the individual
students who steal the point, will receive a piece of candy.
*Students will be able to grab a piece of candy at the end of class, if they would like.
Intrinsic: The students will be able to practice their skills for the exam, ultimately boosting their
confidence level.

Two teams will be divided up using Split the Line method based on birthdates. Once the two
teams have been formed, each student on both sides will receive a number 1 through 16. This
number will be used to determine who plays and compete to earn the point. The teacher will
write the equation on the board and give all students one minute to complete the equation. At the
end of the minute, the teacher will pull a random number from a jar and call on the students to
come up and play Ninja, Bear, Cowboy. The winner of the round will show their work on the
board. If it is correct, their team earns a point. However, if it is wrong or work is missing, the
question is open to the other individual, who then can earn the point for their team. If they dont
answer it correct either, a person from the audience has a chance to answer the question to earn a
piece of candy. No points will be given if both teams cannot answer the question.
The rules for Ninja, Bear, Cowboy are as followed:
1. Two students will stand back-to-back in the front of the room, when their number is
2. On the auditory signal of 1, 2, 3 Go, students will turn around showing their pose of
either a ninja, bear, or cowboy.
Ninja beats cowboy
Cowboy beats bear
Bear beats ninja
*These rules will be displayed on the screen for recollection
When checking for understanding, the students will be called on randomly by the use of
popsicle sticks, and will be asked the following questions:
Active Participation:

How will the class be split into two teams?

How long do you have to answers the question?
How is it determined who plays Ninja, Bear, Cowboy?
How do you earn a point for your team?
Can the point be stolen?
What happens if neither teams answer the question correctly?
Who beats who in Ninja, Bear, Cowboy?

All students will be involved throughout the activity and all students will display on-task
behavior, since they will be given one minute to complete the equation on their own piece of
paper. They will also be selected randomly, based on the number given to them, to come up to
the board and have the opportunity to solve the equation on the board. The students will be
required to participate and listen, as they will be given the opportunity to steal the point, or be
called on randomly to play Ninja, Bear, Cowboy.
Transition times will be limited because the teacher will use a timer when students work
on their individual equations, and will call out students randomly using numbers. The teacher
will require the students to quickly play the game using the auditory signal 1, 2, 3 go and then
show their work on the board so the next round can begin.
Expectations of Students Behavior:
All students will be working on the equations given by the teacher. When the timer starts,
the students will work silently and independent on the questions. Once the timer goes off, the
students are expected to remain quiet so they can hear the number being called for the game. The
students may cheer at a moderate level for their teammate. There will be no put downs or booing
if a student gets the question wrong. Appropriate language will be used at all times. If the noise
level gets too loud, the teacher will use the auditory signal of "macaroni and cheese, everybody
freeze". Students shall remain in their seats at all times, unless called up to play the game and
write the answer. When the students are called to play the game, they will walk calmly to the
front of the classroom and stand back-to-back with one another. Once the equation is answered
correctly, the students will walk back to their seats, keeping a good sportsmanship attitude. If too
much bragging is going on, the student will follow due process.

Materials/Resources Needed:

Rules listed on the board

o Ninja beats cowboy
o Cowboy beats bear
o Bear beats ninja

Makers for white board

Sample Questions:









7x + 2 = -19









3x + 2 = 4x 7


The teacher will display a practice round with one random individual from the classroom,
which will be selected from the popsicle sticks. The activity will be walked through step by step
with the instructions on the board as the teacher and student plays a round. The activity will only
begin after all expectations and rules are known by all students.