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Activity Design Plan

By Molly Sosa and Tracy Arrowood

Activity Objective
The students will comprehend the aspects of the Civil War by reviewing changes in technology.
Description of Activity
The student will be demonstrating their knowledge in an educational activity where they will be
given the chance to compete with each other using their prior knowledge. Students will be given
a review on where they will be working together in teams to answer the review
questions on the changes in technology during the Civil War.
The extrinsic motivation will be homework passes to the winning team and a piece of candy to
the other participating students. The intrinsic motivation will be that the students will be
reviewing the information before their test and gaining confidence in using their knowledge.
1. The students will have 30 seconds to get together in 6 groups of 5 (Pre-picked by the teacher)
2. One member from each group will have 30 seconds to get up and get a classroom laptop for
their team
3. Students will go to and enter the Game Pin that will be shown on the screen
4. Students will pick a school appropriate team name and enter it and wait for the teacher to start
the review quiz
5. The review quiz question will displayed on the screen and the teams will have 20 seconds to
answer the question on kahoot.
6. After each question the teacher will randomly call on students using Popsicle to elaborate on
the correct answer that was displayed.

7. The team with the highest points will be displayed at the end of the game and receive
homework passes. The rest of the students will receive a piece of candy for participation.
Check for understanding
1. How much time do you have to get with your assigned groups?
2. How many laptops will be provided to each group?
3. Where will you be going to take the review quiz?
4. What will you do after you pick a school appropriate team name?
5. How much time will you have to answer the questions?
6. What will you have to do when the teacher calls on you after each question?
7. What will the team with the highest points receive?
Active Participation
The teacher will make sure students are actively participating by walking around the classroom
and listening for collaboration between the teams and making sure the students are on task. After
each question is answered, the teacher will randomly call on a student using Popsicle sticks for
further explanation of the answer. Transition times will be enforced using a timer for students
getting into their groups and the students getting the classroom laptops.
Expectations of Students Behavior
The students are expected to respect the teacher and other group members by not calling names,
shouting out answers, and waiting patiently for the next questions. When the students join their
assigned groups, they are expected to move quickly and quietly during the time limit. The
students will not exceed the volume level of the music playing on Kahoot. The auditory signal to
gain the students attention will be 1 2 3 eyes on me.
Materials/Resources Needed
1. Popsicle sticks with students names on them
2. Classroom laptops

3. Notes
4. Timer
5. Homework passes
6. Smarties candy
A practice round will be given to the class to make sure everyone knows how to properly use
Kahoot and gain a better understanding. This will also be the time to practice the student
behavior expectations while playing the game.
*The game was inspired by Jesus Hidalgo on a presentation he gave in a different class
using Kahoot.

Questions used in Kahoot

1. Who invented the Telegraph?
2. What is the purpose of the Telegraph?
3. What was the first message sent using the Telegraph?
4. How did the telegraph help with communication?
5. How was the rifle more efficient than the musket?
6. What does SOS mean?
7. When was the first telegraph sent?
8. What was the name of the submarine that took down the USS Housatonic?
9. When did the submarine make its first appearance?

10. What happened to the USS Housatonic?