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Student Teaching edTPA Indirect Instruction Lesson Plan Template

Subject: kindergarten Math

Central Focus: Know number names and count sequence.

Common Core/Essential Standard Objective:

K.CC.2 Count forward beginning from
a given number within the known
sequence (instead of having to begin at

Name: Tia Ferrari

Date submitted:11/12/15

Date taught: N/A

Daily Lesson Objective: Students will be able to count on from any number between one and twenty.
21st Century Skills: Critical thinking and problem

Academic Language Demand (Language Function and

Vocabulary): N/A

Prior Knowledge: The students will be reminded that they know the numbers 1-20. (As a class we will count starting at
one and go to twenty). The teacher will know the numbers 1-20 and will have knowledge of how to count on from any
number given.


1. Engage

2. Explore

3. Explain

4. Elaborate

5. Evaluate

Description of Activities and Setting

I will start off by getting the students attention by saying. 1, 2, 3 eyes on me 4,
5, 6 eyes on you. After they all look to the front I will say isnt that cool how I
kept counting after I said three! That is called counting on something we will
be learning about today so grab your dry erase boards and come sit up front.
On the smart board I will pull up an animated short clip about how to count on
from any number between 1 and 20.
Have the students draw a number line on their white boards they brought with
them and I will give them a number to start off with and have them count to
another number. For example start at 5 and count to 15. (The students will
write the number five on the number line and then write all the numbers that
come after five until they get to 15). They are not allowed to start at one. Once
they do the five problems I tell them to do they will get their tablets and go to
the website to work on the two interactive videos. (Each video is five minutes
After the two videos end in ten minutes I will have the class return to the front
of the smart board and call three different students to come up to the board
one at a time and solve a problem I give them by counting up. For example
one students may start at 9 and have to count up to 17. (So they would show
me how they draw the number line start at 9 and then write all the numbers
that are after 9 through 17).
Now I will hand out the worksheet that contains six number lines and with
each number line there will be two numbers the one the student will be
starting at and the number they need to end at. This will be done at their desks
individually. They will be given ten minutes to complete it. During the ten
minutes I will walk around to make sure the students are starting the number
line with the first given number on the sheet and counting on to the second
number given on the sheet. When time is up I will collect it from them so I
may grade and score their work.
The way I will know if the students understood the lesson they were taught is


Assessment Methods of
all objectives/skills
6. Assessment Results of
all objectives/skills

by looking at who scored an 80% or higher on the worksheet that was given to
them at the end.

Targeted Students Modifications/AccommodationsOne student in the classroom has ADD. I will be

checking in with the student every five minutes while
he works on the tablet to make sure he is staying
focused and on task with the videos and counting
problems. I will have him sit close to my desk so I can
observe him easier.

Student/Small Group Modifications/Accommodations

Materials/Technology: Worksheet that will be given at the end of the lesson. Smart board at the beginning of the lesson
will be used to show the students an animated short clip about how to count on. Tablets that allow the students to go on a
math website that lets them practice solving counting on problems as they follow along with the videos.
Reflection on lesson:
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