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EDU 1010

Orientation to Education
Teaching Demonstration
To receive full credit for this project, each of the criteria listed below must
be met. Complete this form and send it to me as an email Word doc attachment.

Name: Steven Davis

Date: 10-23-15

Curriculum Title: 4 as a Factor

Utah State Standard: 3.OA.3 Use multiplication and Division within 100 to solve word
problems in situations involving equal groups, arrays, and measurement quantities.
Objective: Students will use known facts to find products with 4 as a factor.
Materials: Pencil, paper, dice, worksheet handout, and take home worksheet.
Background for Teachers: The technique students learn for multiplying with 4 by using
dice to solve the problems. Students have already learned multiples of two and I can use
this to help them. If they struggle I can have them multiply the units by two and double
Intended Learning Outcomes: Students will learn how to multiply single digit numbers
by four.
Instructional Procedures: First, I will introduce the class to multiplication by the values
of four. I will explain to them how we can use die to solve multiplication problems. I will
show the class how to set up the die. First, I will pass out five or six die to each table.
Have students put all of the die on their table, I will demonstrate how to turn all of the
die so the four is facing up. After this use the whiteboard to draw some die with the
value of four. Each die will represent one unit of four. Show the class that one die with
the value of four is worth four. Then add one more dice with the value of four to the first
one. You will now have two units of four. Now have a student pick a unit number
between one and six. Have the students find the product of those units. Then write two
numbers on the white board and have the students work in teams to find out the
answers. Have the class answer the problems together. Keep repeating until the class
understands how to use the die to solve multiplication problems with values of 4. Ask
the class if they have any questions about the facts of four.
Family Connections: Find things you can use to make in to units of four. Practice
multiplying things with a family member you can use this to find out how many you
have. I will send them home with a worksheet that has four problems on it to work with

a family member. They will have to write down what manipulative they used and have
the family member initial the worksheet.
Assessment Plan: At the beginning of this topic last week. The teacher administered a
topic pre-test to determine the students understanding of multiples. After each lesson
with in this topic we are formatively assessing their understanding of what was taught.
At the end of the week we will take a posttest to find out what has been taught. I will be
walking around observing and helping any students that have any questions on their
worksheet hand out. They will turn it in to be graded.