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Emmette Cassell

Julia Intawiwat
Eng: 112-54
I Believe:


Do you believe in God? Well I do. Living in this world today, its always good to
know God and put him first in your day to day activities. Growing up as a kids, I
was first introduce to Christianity by my father. At the age of six, my dad always
took us to church and always talk to me about the things of God and how God has
change his life from being bad to a God fearing man. With that example, I grow up
in the things of God and also started singing in the church choir at the age of eight.
With the love of Christianity, I was acited to take a new journey in my life where
are was going to attend a Christian mission to continue my education. Making this
decision, it was really hard for me but with the faith and believe in Christianity, it
was easy at the end. When I went on campus, everything seems different and more
complicated in the first week; I had to be up at six in the morning to attend
Morning Prayer and 10pm for even devotion. With all this taxes at hand it was very
complicated to understand the words. One early morning, I was sitting on my bed
before morning prayer and I begin to think about my past life and all of the things I
had before taking this jonury, then I ask myself why should I suffer on this campus
instead of just calling my grandma to pick me up? After a week later, I finally
desired to leave the campus. Everything went well the first week and I was happy
about the changes but not too long everything went totally bad for me. It was on a
Sunday morning when I receive a call from the pastor asking about my absent in
church, we talk for almost an hour and then he said to me the lord needs you to
do his work. I was afraid and it worry me for days, I was unhappy at the same
time I was also thinking about my life as a young man growing up; however, I
decided to do the things of the world and abounded God works. Few months later, I
begin to experience lot of changes in my life. For example, my step mom close my
account, my dad didnt have time for me, and I became to get sick and also had a
terrible cut on my head and I was rush to the hospital. While laiding on my hospital
bed, I ask myself why all these things keep happening to me? Then I told my dad
to take me back on the mission so I can be around people my age groups. When I
went back, I took everything very serious and I was more involve in the church


work and also started playing the drum for the church and everything started to go
normal and my dad started to visit and even call to check on me, then I realize that
God did all these things for certain reason. Then I took my prayer request to my
pastor and I told him to pray for my mom and he told me to believe in God and
everything will be alright. I fasted and pray for weeks upon weeks and after two
years I finally spoke to my mom for the first time over ten years. I says this to say
that when you believe in God everything going to be okay no matter how long or
how much a take hes showily going to answer your prayer.